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Title: Choose a name for a 2019 eyas (Female Names)
Post by: Shaky on 27-May-19, 08:45:21 am

Amelia is for American aviation pioneer and author Amelia Earhart. She is an amazing role model to young girls because of what she did.

Athena was the Greek goddess of reason, wisdom, intelligence, peace.

Dawn is the first appearance of daylight in the morning.
Ella is a character in the Percy Jackson series of books written by Rick Riordan. A Harpy (meaning snatcher) is a winged spirit of a sudden sharp gust of wind, half human/half bird.
Fiona has a root meaning "white," "lovely," "fair," and "pure." Very beautiful, timeless, and majestic.

Freyja was a Norse goddess of love and fertility. She used a falcon feathered cloak to travel between the mythological worlds, taking the form of a falcon.

Harriet for Harriet Tubman, was another great African American who helped free the slaves and symbolized courage, stamina, and freedom, which also is so like our Falcons!

Soaralee for soaring freely.

Stella for star.

Zonda is a mountain wind that blows eastward over the Andes in Argentina.

Title: Re: Choose a name for a 2019 eyas (Female Names)
Post by: Shaky on 27-May-19, 08:47:54 am
Three polls have been posted (male name, female name, gender-neutral name). The voting period ends Thursday night at 11:59 PM EDT.

One of this year's eyases will be given either an appropriate gender-specific name or a gender-neutral name, whichever receives the most votes. In case of a tie, the number of times each of the 2 names was submitted will be used as a tie breaker. If that is a tie too, a coin will be flipped.