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Title: While Rochester Slept...Beauty Laid Her 3rd Egg at 3:12 am! 3/28/20
Post by: Yarak on 28-Mar-20, 07:29:26 AM

Very early this morning, at 3:12 am, Egg #3 arrived.  We may have missed it, but our cameras are tireless.  They caught the whole happy event.  We even have a video snippet for your viewing pleasure!
Video of just after 3rd egg was laid (Click link below.)
http://youtu.be/7406NvrNsgQ?t=11377 (http://youtu.be/7406NvrNsgQ?t=11377)

A few hours later, Dot.ca came in...

http://rfalconcam.com/imprinting/?p=3450 (http://rfalconcam.com/imprinting/?p=3450)