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Title: Marcia Lyman
Post by: Shaky on 04-Oct-20, 09:52:06 am
It saddens me to report that another one of the Rfalconcam community is no longer with us. Marcia Lyman passed away peacefully Monday.

Marcia was an active falcon watcher for many years in addition to being a member of the Rfalconcam staff in its early days. Marcia helped raise thousands of dollars to keep the young website alive and allow it to grow.

Rest in peace, Marcia. We will miss you.


Title: Re: Marcia Lyman
Post by: Joyce on 04-Oct-20, 10:02:33 am
Marcia was very active in the day's of Marah and Kaver. Here is a paragraph about Marcia from the below 2004 article.

"Marcia Lyman is an experienced Fledge Watcher and has a store of anecdotes about the young --- and sometimes foolish --- birds, collected as she and her teammates tried valiantly to maintain a running "beak count" of the new brood. One day she watched, helpless, as Hafoc tried to land on a sloping Kodak roof. The surprised bird slid ignominiously all the way to the bottom, but reappeared shortly afterward none the worse for the experience."


Rest in peace Marcia.

Title: Re: Marcia Lyman
Post by: Joyce on 04-Oct-20, 10:11:50 am
Paying tribute...
Here is one of Marcia's photos of Ihteram from 2005, daughter of M&K.

Title: Re: Marcia Lyman
Post by: Dumpsterkitty on 05-Oct-20, 06:58:05 pm
So very sad...fly free Marcia!