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Title: How do I tell Nova and Neander apart?
Post by: Shaky on 20-May-22, 11:47:51 pm
There are several way to tell Nova and Neander apart.


  • Nova is bigger than Neander.
  • Nova has white feathers above her cere.
  • Nova has dark spots on her white breast. Neander's white breast has short, thin, dark vertical lines.
  • The lower edges of Nova's black hood are fairly sharp and distinct on both sides. She also has a strip of white extending back on the left side of her neck.
  • Neander has a bit of white fuzziness intruding into the edge of his hood on both sides. The fuzziness is sort of clover shaped.
  • Nova has a darker head.
  • The back edge of Nova's beak extends further back under her eye than Neander's.