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Title: Linda Schlaffer
Post by: dale on 11-Jul-22, 07:17:50 pm
I'm sorry to have to let you all know that Linda Schlaffer passed away this last weekend at her home in Rochester.

She had been mostly in the hospital and in rehab since last December and just wanted to get home to her house.

She was so dedicated to the Rochester falcons. She had been upset about being so hung up in the hospital that she missed ordering her Falconcam calendar -- I made sure she got it. Last time we talked was about a week and a half ago.

I will so miss funny, generous, outspoken, one-of-a-kind Linda.

Fly free

Title: Re: Linda Schlaffer
Post by: Dumpsterkitty on 11-Jul-22, 07:22:57 pm
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that dale. She really was a dedicated watcher and supporter. Thank you for letting us know.

And, although with bad news, it's good to see you dale! I hope all is well with you.

Title: Re: Linda Schlaffer
Post by: Shaky on 11-Jul-22, 09:02:17 pm
I'm so sad to hear that, Dale. She was a long-time follower of the falcons. :(

Title: Re: Linda Schlaffer
Post by: Bonnie on 12-Jul-22, 10:42:55 am
My sympathy to friends and family.  It is a great loss.  She was a unique individual.  I will always remember being entertained by her chicken!!  So glad I got to meet her in Rochester.

Title: Re: Linda Schlaffer
Post by: Shaky on 16-Jul-22, 05:00:34 pm
Here is Linda's obit.

https://www.newcomerrochester.com/Obituary/251945/Linda-Schlaffer/Rochester-NY (https://www.newcomerrochester.com/Obituary/251945/Linda-Schlaffer/Rochester-NY)

"In lieu of flowers, kindly consider donating to the Genesee Valley Audubon Society - Rochester Falconcam or Schuhplattler Verein Heidengold, Inc. in Linda's memory."

A true supporter of the falcons.