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Title: Good experience with Olympus
Post by: Lou on 20-Aug-09, 06:54:00 pm
I just wanted to share a good customer experience I had with Olympus.

Awhile back, I dropped my binoculars (Olympus Pathfinder 12x50 EXPS I) and as a result, they went out of alignment. These aren't top notch binoculars, but they cost me about $250.  I sent the company an email sharing that they were beyond warranty and asking if they could be repaired. They promptly answered me with instructions on how to send them in for repair and shared that they had a flat fee of $70 to do the repair.  I figured that the cost of the repair would be cheaper than a new pair, so I sent them in.  Today, I came home and there was a package at my front door. When I opened it, I saw that they sent me a brand new pair, even though the warranty had expired!

At any rate, I told myself that I would do some good in returning the favor by sharing that I had a good customer experience, which seems more and more like a rarity these days.


Title: Re: Good experience with Olympus
Post by: valhalla on 20-Aug-09, 08:14:58 pm
I will pass this on to folks looking for digital cameras at work.  My SIL had an Olympus and had great luck with it.  This is good info, lou.

Speaking of which, I raised a bit of noise at the Niagara Falls Hilton concerning reservations (sloppy, goofy kids).  Got a $75.00 credit today.  Nice hotel, great view, clean, but a real meat market.  I would think twice before staying again.....