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Title: Turtle cam: Destin Fla.
Post by: Donna on 11-Aug-11, 02:21:40 PM
http://www.flvhosting.com/index.php?sc=18&nid=87/ (http://www.flvhosting.com/index.php?sc=18&nid=87/) watch  them hatch

http://www.rochester.edu/aboutus/chapelwebcam.html (http://www.rochester.edu/aboutus/chapelwebcam.html) Bonus cam: Eastman Quadrangle Web Cam. Swing the camera around to see the Genesee River, which winds alongside the River Campus. And students can wave "hello" to the folks at home from the Meliora flagpole, one of the enduring symbols of the University.