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Title: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Carol P. on 10-Nov-12, 09:57:56 am
We Remember the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month when World War I came to an end!!

This is a day early, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to share their thoughts and to remember and thank all those that have served to give us the freedoms we have today.  Thank you all!

Veteran’s Day Tribute to Cher Ami.

I usually report about the Rochester Falcons, but today I wanted to talk about and honor another kind of bird on this Veteran’s Day.  Against all odds, a very unlikely heroine saved 194 lives on October 3, 1918.  
The more than 500 men of the 77th Division of the United States Army were trapped behind enemy lines, surrounded by enemy troops.  They were running out of food and ammunition and they were desperate to communicate their location to division headquarters 25 miles away.  In those days, they didn’t have cell phones, computers or satellite radios.  No Tweets like the Rochester Falcon Watchers use now.  In this case, the homing carrier pigeon was their only form of communication.
As the 77th Division came under “friendly fire”, homing pigeons were dispatched.  The pigeons carrying the first two messages were shot down.  Only one was left, Cher Ami (Dear Friend in French), a Black Check hen (at first believed to be a male).  She was dispatched with a note in a canister on her left leg.  “We are along the road parallel to 276.4.  Our own artillery is dropping a barrage directly on us.  For heaven’s sake, stop it!”
Cher Ami rose from the brush and came under fire by the German soldiers as they spotted her.  The American soldiers watching her saw her get shot and fall to the ground.  But some how she launched herself skyward and again took flight, and was gone.
She made the 25 mile trip to division headquarters in sixty-five minutes.  Despite being shot through the breast, blind in on eye and with a leg hanging only by a tendon, she completed her last mission, delivering the message that would save 194 American lives.

Army medics worked hard to save her life.  They did but were unable to save her leg, so a small wooden leg was carved to replace it.  When she was well enough to travel, this little one-legged hero was put on a boat to the United States, personally seen off by General John J. Pershing.
After arriving in the United States, she was awarded the Croix de Guerre Medal with a Palm Oak Leaf Cluster for her heroic service.  On June 13, 1919, she died, but was never forgotten.
Today you can still see her at the Smithsonian Institution, where she is on display in the National Museum of American History’s “Price of Freedom” exhibit.  If I ever have a chance to go to the Smithsonian, I will definitely visit with Cher Ami and thank her for a job well done!

http://amhistory.si.edu/militaryhistory/collection/object.asp?ID=10 (http://amhistory.si.edu/militaryhistory/collection/object.asp?ID=10)

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Kris G. on 10-Nov-12, 11:12:48 am
A beautiful story about this truly heroic bird. Thanks for sharing!

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Donna on 10-Nov-12, 12:21:46 pm
(http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii94/221795/Marines.jpg) (http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn22/subiechick928/Army_Logo.gif)
(http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m303/wzaldiva/us-air-force.jpg) (http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae343/mstewart10/us-navy.gif) (http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k188/Meiscool1/CoastGuard.jpg)

Bless them all!

Thanks Carol!

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Donna on 10-Nov-12, 04:56:04 pm
Why Do We Wear Poppies To Honor Our Veterans?

Will you be wearing a poppy on Veterans Day?

Poppies have been associated with Veterans Day since its first observance, as Armistice Day, in 1919.  While often seen in the U.S. around Veterans Day, red poppies have become a prominent part of what’s become known as Remembrance Day in Canada, England, Australia and many of the Commonwealth nations around the world.

Why Poppies?
The poppy’s significance to today’s observance is a result of Canadian military physician John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields. The poppy emblem was chosen because of the poppies that bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I.  And their red color seemed an appropriate symbol for the bloodshed of trench warfare.

Started By An American
Two days before the Armistice was declared at 11am on November 11th, 1918, an American woman named Moina Michael was working in the YMCA Overseas War Secretaries’ headquarters during its annual conference in New York City.

Inspired by McCrae’s poem, Michael purchased 25 silk poppies that she distributed to attendees of the Conference.  The poppies were well received at the meeting, which prompted her to begin effort to have the poppy adopted as a national symbol of remembrance.  She succeeded in having the National American Legion Conference adopt it two years later.

The custom quickly spread to Europe and was especially embraced by the British Royal Legion and veterans groups throughout the British Commonwealth.

White Or Red
A small number of people choose to wear white poppies to indicate a preference to look forward to peace rather than backward at the sacrifice. Those who wear the white poppy have, since their introduction in the nineteen twenties, expressed their desire for peaceful alternatives to military action.

So wear a poppy— real or artificial in red, white or whatever color you choose— today as part of your observance of Veterans Day.  You’ll be honoring a long tradition observed throughout the world.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a flower.  The California Poppy is our most common native poppy in the U.S. and has been spread by humans far outside its natural range of the western states.

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Wing Goose on 10-Nov-12, 05:57:44 pm
Thank you to all Veterans that have served and to
those soldiers that are serving now.  I appreciate all of you.

Donna, thank you for your efforts in obtaining the information
about Veterans Day.  Very helpful.
                 :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Wing Goose on 10-Nov-12, 06:03:47 pm
Carol, I just saw the story on Cher Ami.  A wonderful story
about  her heroism.  I am deeply touched.  Thank you for sharing.
                         :thanks2: :thanks2: :thanks2:

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: MAK on 10-Nov-12, 10:31:07 pm
Thank you to all who have served from the bottom of my heart!  :heart:

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: valhalla on 11-Nov-12, 06:14:54 am
Thank you to all who have served - Freedom isn't free and should not be taken lightly. 

Please Note that our Veterans are under assault - their TriCare benefits could be on the chopping block. 

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: carly on 11-Nov-12, 08:00:08 am
Saw this on our local news this morning and it put a big smile on my face...Call me Baby covers performed by US Soldiers in Afghanistan.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au-qqhRHtXg#ws (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au-qqhRHtXg#ws)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EjLbVmXIqg# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EjLbVmXIqg#)

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Donna on 11-Nov-12, 08:19:13 am
Thanks Carly, that was fun to watch. Bless all them! (http://i717.photobucket.com/albums/ww173/prestonjjrtr/Holidays/88346dea.gif)

Title: Re: Veteran's Day - Honoring All Who Served!
Post by: Kris G. on 11-Nov-12, 11:59:29 am
I also want to thank all our Veterans for their years of service to our nation. I'm the proud aunt of a Marine Colonol, serving his 22nd year and presently working at the Pentagon.  :heart: