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61  Rochester Falcons / Falcon Watches / Re: Falcon Watch Weekend Pics on: 23-Jun-10, 09:40:50 am
Great pictures and commentary!!  Its never too late for pictures like that.

Lisa McK.
62  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday Carol on: 20-May-10, 10:29:29 am
Happy Birthday Carol   b-day dance1

Don't party too hard.   mbanana bguitar
63  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Website News / Re: Live Video & New Camera Page In Time For Hatching on: 14-May-10, 11:22:21 am
Awesome!!  Thank you Shaky and Mucho Gracias Kenn!!   
 clap the_wave
64  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Website News / Re: Testing a new way to display our camera views on: 11-May-10, 01:22:01 pm
Sweet!! 2thumbsup
65  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday Lisa McK on: 03-May-10, 09:58:40 pm
Thank you for the birthday wishes.  I had a wonderful day.  martini thanks2
66  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Rhea Mae and Tiago's Webcam - Toronto - Canadian Peregrine Foundation on: 30-Apr-10, 03:56:05 pm
Just received an email from Linda Woods in Toronto:

The Toronto Sheraton Centre Hotel has had their first and second hatch of the 2010 season.
Rhea Mae and Tiago are expecting two more to arrive with in the next day or so.

 clap   bguitar notworthy
67  Member Activities / Events / Sierra Club 12th Annual Environmental Forum on: 22-Apr-10, 08:54:56 am
If you don't have plans for tonight please join me at the Sierra Club's 12th Annual Environmental Forum.  This years theme is "Transitioning to Sustainable Communities.  What does it mean?  How can we do it?"

It is being held at the First Unitarian Church at 220 Winton Road South, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Look for me at the Genesee Valley Audubon Table.

Lisa McK.
68  Other Nature Related Information / Falcon Web Cams / Travelers Tower - Hartford, Connecticut on: 15-Apr-10, 03:13:46 pm
I just checked the Travelers Tower cam in Hartford, Connecticut and there appears to be a pair of falcons incubating eggs.  Does anyone know who the falcons are and how many eggs they are incubating?

Lisa McK
69  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Egg #3 on: 13-Apr-10, 08:52:57 am
I think Beauty just laid egg #3.  Check out cam2 at 8:45 a.m. looks like she just laid the third egg. clap 2thumbsup
70  Rochester Falcons / Falcon Watches / Re: Watcher Watching on: 01-Apr-10, 04:06:20 pm
HA! This is hilarious! Thanks for my own corner where I can describe the behavioral habits of the native Rochester Falcon Stalkers!

Lets see if you can find some of the other hang outs that us Falcon Stalkers use?  What floor are you on?  I maybe able to see in your window.  I've been accused of being a peeping Tomesina in the past. foxbinocs

Lisa McK.
71  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Seneca Sighted at Brookpark Road Bridge with a Mate! on: 26-Mar-10, 08:29:14 am
OMG!!!  I just saw the pictures of Seneca.  She is as dark as her dad and has her mama's fierce look.  Looks like she got the best of both Mariah and Kaver.
72  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 16-Mar-10, 02:12:44 pm
Hey, who pooped on the camera?

Looks like a skelton's hand to me.  Maybe the nestbox is haunted!! surprise
73  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Owl Prowl on Super Bowl Sunday on: 10-Feb-10, 12:55:54 pm
Short Eared Owls regularly spend their winter months in the fields south of Rochester.  I have been watching them for over 5 years, when I went on a field trip to see them.  Now I do my own field trips.
74  Support / Help! / Re: Falcon Watch on: 10-Feb-10, 09:15:08 am
Thank you for the clarification.  I am trying to get use to the forum and occassionally get frustrated with it.

Lisa McK
75  Support / Help! / Re: Falcon Watch on: 08-Feb-10, 03:56:25 pm
So let me see if I understand this?  Falcon watch reports can only be posted in Falcon Watches by moderators, some who don't even live in the Rochester area.  All others must post Falcon Watch reports some where else?  Possibly the section labeled Discussion of Rochester Falcons.  Also falcon watch reports can be posted on Imprints.  Ok so where do I tell a newby to look for falcon watch reports?  All of the above rofl

I thought using this site would clear up my confusion, now I"m really confused.  ???

I guess I'm just a fan of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Why can't all falcon watch reports be in the section titled "Falcon Watches"?  wave
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