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Author Topic: International Homeless Animals' Day  (Read 2458 times)
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« on: 14-Aug-09, 03:53:24 pm »

August 15, 2009

 Sad Cry

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« Reply #1 on: 14-Aug-09, 09:08:17 pm »

Thank you for the Link!
One thing about spay and neutering your pet is that by not doing so you put your cat/dog at greater risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. In cats that aren't fixed early its mammary cancer.

I think about homeless pets a lot with this economy. Cutbacks in all the city or town budgets affecting shelters already struggling with the overflow of homeless pets put there because people have lost their jobs and homes. Its all very sad.  crying I'm hoping people who have a little extra $ to spare support their local shelters and rescues. is a great link if anyone is looking for a pet . It hooks up most of the shelters and rescues in one place. And if you are loved by one cat your even more loved by two;) so take the leap and save another life kittykiss
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