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Morning watch 5-10-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another warm morning here in Western New York at 55 (F) 13 (C) when I left for downtown. It started out sunny but became overcast before I left for home and has since rained.

I arrived on a quiet, litter strewn Broad St. Bridge (BSB) (post Spiderman movie) finding Dot.Ca (DC) on the Mercury money bag (MMB) around 5:30am.


5 minutes later he flew to the nest box to relieve Beauty on their eggs-she in turn flew to the base of Mercury as is their regular morning ritual. I drove down to the hole (Aqueduct St.) to watch her.


Beauty did some preening and stretching but no eating as DC didn’t bring anything this morning and there must not have been any cached food on the base.

img_7548-stretch-the-other-leg img_7550-beautyful

She hopped up on the green part of the base and then back down to the concrete southwest corner with her back to me so I went back up to the bridge to view her from the front.

img_7551-moving-over img_7559-shake-it-beauty img_7565-darn-hangnail

We hung out for the next 45 minutes and then the Beautyful one flew east. I followed her as she went behind Midtown out of view and then I drove over there. I spotted Beauty on the northwest corner of HSBC and she was having a bite to eat at first. It must have been a very small bit of cached food for she was done by the time I found a place to observe.


She seemed to be in hunt mode but the pigeons weren’t willing to come out and play so at about 6:50am she flew west out of my field of vision.


I had a feeling Beauty was going to the nest box and sure enough I got a tweet from Annette that DC was off and Beauty was now on their eggs. Thanks! When I got back to the BSB at 7am I could see DC on the MMB-it sure is nice to have the bridge back after being off limits for parking during the Spiderman movie filming.


DC kept looking up while I watched him and I have no idea why because I couldn’t see anything above us. Of course I don’t have the eyesight of a Peregrine Falcon either.

img_7587-whats-he-looking-at img_7588-dc

10 minutes later DC waved goodbye and flew off to the southwest toward Cornhill out of view.

img_7595-bye-mak img_7596-dc-leaving

I then drove to the Brighton Site (BS) but found nobody to be home. I stayed about an hour but I never saw or heard Miss Pigott. I returned to downtown just before 8:30am and got a tweet from Annette that a switch had been made leaving DC on incubation duties. I stopped on Exchange Blvd. by Cornhill where you can see the south side of all the downtown buildings but saw no bumps. I turned down Broad St. on my way home to check the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) but saw nothing there either so I ended my watch at 8:35am. I had to smile for as I left downtown Annette and Donna informed meĀ  that Beauty was on the base of Mercury hiding from me-they all like to play hide and seek with us watchers! :)

Click on the links below to view more pics and videos if you wish



5 Responses to “Morning watch 5-10-13”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Hi MAK!
    Love the pics and videos!
    LOL…those hangnails are a pain!
    I think they know you are watching them….DC really looked like he was waving to you! :-)

  2. MAK Says:

    Hi Ginny! As always thanks for your comment. lol :)

  3. campgee Says:

    Hummm, so no one saw Pigott yesterday, she’s really got the hide and seek down to a science. Hope she’s spotted today letting us all know everything is right in Rochester.

  4. MAK Says:

    Camp, she may be sitting on eggs somewhere or just gone on a road trip. She wasn’t at BS this morning either time I went there. Hmmm is right! :)

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