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Fledge watch 7-11-13

By Rochester Falcon watcher MAK

Today our falcon family was pretty quiet. Voyager stayed on the Crossroads building for nearly the whole day. She doesn’t fly as much as the other two but when she does it’s good flying and landing. Baron and Rosetta continue to hang out with each other much of the time. They all make me smile quite a bit these days! :)

Check out my pics and videos by clicking on the links below



5 Responses to “Fledge watch 7-11-13”

  1. Donna M. in Atl. Bch Says:

    Thanks MAK, and smiling is good and these three do their share! Great pics as always!

  2. MAK Says:

    Thanks Donna! I hate not writing a report to go with my pics as I love telling my story but downtown at 5:30am and home after 8pm doesn’t leave much time. Next week I hope to get back to my normal daily schedule which will include a report everyday. :)

  3. margaret Says:

    You are superwoman! I don’t know when you sleep! I can’t even keep up with your reports!
    But thank you for all you do!

  4. WLABarb Says:

    Have to admit you’ve got us spoiled, MAK, with your detailed daily reports. But what you reported here was just fine! Your photos and videos also speak volumes. Nice seeing you, Donna and Viper Joe “cleaning up!” I had no idea there would be actual chunks of rubber on the street!
    So good still being able to see the juvies out and about. Thank you MAK!
    Voyager is a slow starter, “but she is trying to become a perfectionist.” Right Fladonna?

  5. MAK Says:

    Well thank you Margaret!
    Barb, the race car stuff was very cool to see so close up. I thought the car would be a lot louder than it was but I’m not complaining. I’m not a fan of Kyle Busch tho I think he is exciting to watch. My driver is Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Sr. before him. I like the bad boys. lol
    Voyager is doing great today. Thanks! :)

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