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Fledge watch 7-12-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Our fledglings slept on the OCSR roof last nite. Voyager didn’t spend another night by herself.They were well fed early this morning making way for some nice flying mid to late morning followed by quiet time for the afternoon. Our young falcons seem to like OCSR and Crossroads best to hang out on. Both parents have been flying with them. This afternoon Beauty took all 3 of them to the Kodak tower area for some flying and playing. All juvies are flying exceptionally well and making pretty darn good landings too.

Watchers weekend has begun with the arrival of some out of town watchers-Lynne and Bob,Eileen,Bonnie,Wendy all arrived tonight. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the show from our Rochester Peregrine Falcons this weekend and all will go home smiling from the experience! )

Click on the links below to view my photo album and some videos-some of the pics are from last night



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