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Morning watch 9-14-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another overcast dark morning with a chilly 51 degrees (F) 11 (C) greeted me when I stepped out the door at 6:25am

As the HSBC building came into view from Court St. I could see Beauty on the southeast corner. While I was parked on Chestnut St. she was eating something but her back was to me so I drove around to the east (back) side and parked next to the post office on Broad St. Beauty had a couple more bites and then she flew around to the northwest corner for a second or two before taking wing and flying west.

img_0004-beauty1 The takeoff was blurry so I messed around with it >img_0006-beauty-in-a-different-hue

I followed behind and found Beauty on the OCSR building top ibeam south corner from the Broad St. Bridge. I drove down to the hole to get closer.

img_0013-beauty1 img_0014-beauty img_0022-hi-cutie

I drove down to Hawkeye but the juvie wasn’t around so I returned to downtown finding Beauty in the same spot on OCSR. This time I parked on Graves St. next to Aqueduct St. to share space with her for 10 minutes when she flew off in a hurry to the northeast past the Andrews Terrace Apartments and into a stoop.


I looked over that way but couldn’t find our Beautyful one so back to Hawkeye I went with no more success than the first time. I then drove thru downtown with no sightings on my way to the Brighton site (BS). As I pulled in the driveway I could see a falcon on the north side roof on the northeast extension. It flew off and circled above the building once then disappeared to the south side. I drove around to the back of the building but didn’t find it. Right after, about a dozen crows flew in and started chasing each other, landing on the tippy top silver structure on the roof only to lift off and ride the air currents up there. LarryO and his dog Harold came by for a few minutes to watch the show and then we all left.

I figured since it was the weekend and traffic wouldn’t be bad on 590 that I would take a ride over to the Blossom/Browncroft area to search for a falcon forum member Christianne has seen on a light pole over there. What I found was a raptor of a different kind as in a Red-tail Hawk. It was on a light pole right by the Browncroft exit ramp so I pulled over on the ramp, put my hazard lights on and started clicking away.

img_0032-hi-buddy img_0034-rth img_0039-rth Make sure to click on my pics to see full version

As has been my experience, when being watched Red-tail Hawks take off and fly down the road to the next pole and this one was no exception. I followed along and stopped to observe this beauty as he flew off again going 2 poles down prompting me to quit my pursuit of him.

img_0042-rth-takes-off img_0043-red-tail img_0046-back-side img_0050-see-ya

Back to downtown and I spotted Beauty and DC on the Frontier Communications Tower as I was stopped at the traffic light at PlymouthAve. and Main St. Stopping on Church St. in front of the Hochstein School of Music I determined that DC was on the southeast cube directly below Beauty who was nibbling on something on the east side platform railing. I drove over to Fitzhugh St. and parked in front of City Hall for the best view of our dynamic duo. Beauty walked down the rail a bit readied herself and flew off right after I pulled over.

img_0052-dc <DC   Beauty>img_0055-beauty-walks-the-rail img_0056-ready-to-go img_0057-beauty-leaves-fct

I stayed with DC for a few minutes then left to check Hawkeye one more time before ending my watch.

img_0059-dc img_0062-stretch img_0070-dc img_0072-dc< All DC

Once again I was unable to find a falcon at Hawkeye but I did end my watch at 9:30am smiling anyway! :)

Click on the links below to view videos from my watch


4 Responses to “Morning watch 9-14-13”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    MAK, the red tailed hawk shots are gorgeous!

  2. MAK Says:

    Thanks Pat-they’re my favorite hawk! :)

  3. Ginny Says:

    I love the pictures of the hawk MAK! The one in flight is fantastic!!

  4. MAK Says:

    Thanks Ginny! :)

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