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Morning watch 9-19-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

What a difference 10 degrees makes-this morning it was 53  (F) 12 (C) compared to yesterday at 43 (F) as I walked out the door for my watch. More blue skies and sunshine too! Saw the big harvest moon enroute to downtown.


Arriving downtown at 6:35am I went to work looking for Beauty, checking the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) first and making my way over to the east side of the city and back thru spotting her on the OCSR from the Broad St. Bridge just before the 7 o’clock hour. Strangely, she was on the top ibeam north corner which is a favorite spot of Dot.Ca. (DC). I drove over to Bragdon St. by the Radisson Hotel to check it out.

img_0009-beauty1 img_0013-beauty2 img_0014-beauty1 img_0017-beautyful

Notice how each pic got brighter as the sun rose in the eastern sky. I hung out with the Beautyful one for about 15 minutes then I went to check Hawkeye. After striking out there I returned to downtown and found Beauty on the northeast cube of FCT around 7:30am. I parked on Fitzhugh St. in front of the Sister Cities parking garage for the best view.

img_0033-beauty img_0037-cutie

She was doing some serious preening when I left her to go to the Brighton Site (BS) at 8:15am. I found Miss Pigott on the east extension on the north (front) side of the building top window in the corner. This is her night time roosting spot and I thought it quite odd that she was there at that time of the morning but hey, as predictable as they can be, Peregrines can also be quite unpredictable. Guess it depends on whether they feel like messing with us watchers! lol


Unfortunately, she had her back to me the whole time I observed her. There was a bird in the tree below her that she was very interested in as she kept looking down probably trying to decide if she could flush it out for a meal.

img_0050-pigott img_0055-i-see-you-little-birdie

I was in a rush this morning having a busy schedule for the day so I left Pigott to her hunting and returned downtown. I found Beauty still on the FCT cube so I continued on to check Hawkeye one more time. Nothing there so I ended my watch at 9:15am. It seems that the girls are really intent on looking for DC to show up and hang out with them these days-perhaps they sense that he will be leaving on migration soon. Anyway, seeing Beauty and Pigott was enough to make me smile! :)

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