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Morning watch 9-23-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was partly cloudy at the start today with a temperature in the upper 40’s but it turned out to be a sunny, crisp fall day-quite lovely actually!

I checked everywhere downtown without finding a falcon, then I drove to Hawkeye and got more of the same. Hmm, what’s up with that!? I returned to downtown at 7:30am and as I stopped on Woodbury St. on the east side and scanned Xerox with my trusty binoculars I found not only 1 but 2 Peregrines! Beauty was on her favorite spot, the 5th column over from the southeast corner and Dot.Ca (DC) was on the 3rd column over from the southwest corner.

img_0009-hi-beautyful img_0012-dc3 img_0018-beauty-and-dc Click on my pics to see full version

Beauty did a lot of preening and pulling white downy feathers out of her telling me she is still in a molt and she napped a bit too. The sun faded in and out during this time. DC spent most his time looking around for breakfast. After 40 minutes passed he left while I was watching his mate-the Beautyful one.

img_0046-beauty img_0050-dc1 img_0057-dc img_0065-sleeper

I left Beauty around 8:20am to check the Brighton Site where I hung out for an hour waiting for Pigott to show up but no such luck so I headed back downtown. I was delighted to find that Beauty was still on the 5th column of Xerox and DC was now on the 2nd column over from the southwest corner.

img_0066-beauty img_0075-zzzzzzz img_0087-beauty <Beauty

img_0069-dc1 img_0070-whitey1 img_0093-dc <DC

At 9:45am DC took off like he was shot out of a rocket going into a blurry stoop toward the river and quickly leaving my field of vision. I stayed with Beauty a little longer and then left to check Hawkeye again. There was nothing going on there so I ended my watch around 10:30am.

I believe that’s the first time I’ve spent watching our downtown pair of Peregrine Falcons on Xerox for the entirety of my watch except while I was checking Brighton and Hawkeye. Being the tallest building in downtown Rochester, Xerox makes for a long distance watch but it still made me smile! :)

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