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Morning watch 10-24-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

There was frost on my car windows when I walked out the door this morning-you must expect that when the temperature is 32 degrees (F) 0 (C). There was also a brisk breeze making it feel colder yet

I found Beauty on the east side of HSBC to start my day-not bad eh? About 5 minutes later she extracted a pellet and flew off circling the building twice. Parked on Broad St. behind HSBC I was able to see Beauty meet up with Dot.Ca near Midtown and then they disappeared as they flew toward Bausch and Lomb.


I drove west, stopping on the Broad St. Bridge for a look around as is my normal routine and I promptly spotted a falcon on the top arm of the Frontier Communications Tower northeast side around 7:30am.  And there was a lovely cloud floating beyond the High Falls.

img_0007-beauty-from-bsb img_0008-cool-color-cloud

I went to Fitzhugh St. but couldn’t positively ID this falcon from the angle I had as it attempted to bring up a pellet. So I drove behind the church to have a look from the north end of Montgomery Alley but it left while I was enroute.

img_0016-b-or-dc-tries-to-expel-a-pelletYou must click on my pics to see the full version

I made my way over to the hole after searching downtown and found the Beautyful one under the northeast wing at 8am. I shared space with her for half hour as she scratched and watched the little birdies below her.

img_0023-scratch-n-sniff img_0041-beauty img_0056-beauty1

Next stop was the Brighton Site (BS) arriving about 8:45am finding both Pigott and DC after receiving a tweet from fellow falcon watcher LarryO who said there were 2 falcons  on the south side vent. Pigott was on the east end of the vent but I didn’t see DC until I drove around to the east side. There he was under the roof top tree on the southeast corner of the southeast extension.

img_0059-pigott img_0070-dc img_0078-purty

Pigott spent most of her time preening while DC just relaxed and kept an eye on his surroundings. Then about 9:10am DC perked up and started chirping as Pigott came flying in, coming to rest on an east side window ledge by the east extension where it meets the east side of the building.

img_0088-dc <DC  img_0090-pigott<Pigott

Miss Pigott was her usual animated self as she preened and generally stayed in motion, while DC was content to just stay in one spot.

img_0102-ya-put-your-left-foot-in-and-ya-shake-it-all-about img_0111-sounding-off img_0100-cleaning-up<Pigott DC>img_0125-really-makClick it

Next, Pigott took a walk to the other end of the ledge, something she does all the time while DC stretched out a bit.

img_0126-the-pigott-stroll img_0127-dead-end-for-pigott <Pigott  DC>  img_0133-ya-put-your-right-foot-out-and-ya-shake-it-all-about img_0136-handsome-dc

Suddenly around 9:40am they started alarm calling-first Pigott flew off, followed by DC going east as I turned to look I saw a Red-tail Hawk being bombarded by our falcon duo. They chased it back over the roof and to the north leaving my field of vision. Pigott returned and landed on the southeast corner of the southeast extension-DC did not come back.


I stayed a bit to see if DC would return and then headed back to downtown arriving about 10:15am. I found DC on the top ibeam of OCSR near the south corner. I figure he chased the hawk and came right straight downtown.


I then set out to find Beauty which I was successful at doing as I saw her from the Andrews St. Bridge. She was on the northeast side of OCSR on the top ibeam so I drove over to Bragdon St. for a closer look and where I could also see DC.

img_0158-beauty1 img_0167-beauty-and-dc

I saw all 3 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons on watch today and ended it at 10:40am with a smile on my face! :)

Again, I’m having problems with YouTube so I have links below for 3 out of the 6 videos I shot today and for my photo album



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