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Morning watch 10-26-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

As I walked out the door for my morning watch it was 42 degrees (F) 6 (C) and breezy. There’s a high wind alert for today as we are supposed to get 45mph winds. Stay safe all my fine feathered friends!

I had some trouble finding a falcon this morning at first but as I was parked on the Andrews St. Bridge I spotted a falcon fly in from the east and land under the southeast wing of the Times Square building (TSB).


I drove straight over there arriving in the hole by He’s Chinese at 7:50am to find that Dot.Ca (DC) was under the northeast wing. I don’t know if he was the one I saw under the southeast wing or not. I noticed Halloween bags in one of the Philipone buildings windows.

img_0005-dc2 img_0008-dc1 img_0018-window-in-philipone-buildingClick it

Less than 5 minutes later cam watcher Annette (thank you) tweeted that Beauty was in the nest box. Would there finally be a pair bonding in the nest box? While I was watching DC Beauty snuck out of the nest box and left as reported to me by cam watcher Donna. I left to look  for her and while I was away she returned to the nest box again told to me by Donna. Thanks D! I went up to the BSB where I could see the Beautyful one on the front ledge of the nest box. While enroute Beauty and DC did indeed pair bond in the nest box as Donna also reported about that to me. WOOHOO!! Thank you very much my friend!

img_0023-bdc<Click it to see B&DC  img_0026-beauty img_0027-beauty3 img_0031-dc

This took place around 8:20am and I left to check for Pigott at the Brighton site arriving there about 9am to find that she was not around. I returned downtown to find that Beauty and DC had not moved-she was still at the nest box and he was still under the northeast wing.

img_0032-dc1 img_0043-beauty1

I had to make it a quick watch as I have somewhere to be soon but I was happy to see our downtown duo, and oh what a big smile I had when I heard they met up in the nest box to bond! :)

Click on the link below to view a video of Beauty and DC


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