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Morning watch 10-27-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

As I started my watch it was partly cloudy and breezy with a temperature of 37 (F) 3 (C) as I ended it the sun was pretty much out of the picture with mostly cloudy skies

I missed Beauty on the Mercury money bag (MMB) by about 10 minutes for the second day in a row as I was searching downtown for her when she was there. I found her under the northeast wing of the Times Square building (TSB) at 7:34am from the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) as I returned from the east side. I went to the hole for a closer view.


10 minutes later Beauty flew off to the base of Mercury and as I turned to watch her I saw why-Dot.Ca (DC) was on the base with a small piece of food and took off as she landed on the opposite side flying to the top ibeam southeast side of the OCSR to finish it off.

img_0009-beauty4<Beauty  img_0010-dc<DC

DC finished up eating in about 5 minutes while Beauty made her way to the side of the base of Mercury that DC had been on-most likely looking for scraps.

img_0014-beauty1<Beauty img_0018-dc2<DC>  img_0021-dc-tailage

DC cleaned up a bit after his snack and while I watched him the Beautyful one slipped off Mercury without me seeing her. DC turned his back to me and pooped and then I took a ride to find where Beauty went.

img_0029-hi-buddy img_0031-poop-reflection

I had no luck with that but as I drove around I took pics of a bunch of utility boxes around the east side of the city and then  I set out to check the Brighton site (BS).

img_0035 img_0036 img_0045 There’s more of these in todays album

I had no luck finding Pigott either and on my way back downtown from BS I took some extracurricular pics.

img_0040-mt-hope-cemetery<Click it  img_0042-from-ford-st-bridge img_0043-from-ford-st-bridge

Arriving downtown just after 9am I found DC was still on the top ibeam of OCSR and after looking for and not finding Beauty I decided to look for Billy the juvie.


I didn’t have to go far as there was a juvie on the ladder in the middle of the roof at Hawkeye. Parked at the YMCA on the west side of the Hawkeye plant and too far of a distance for an ID  I drove  to the east side and found a parking lot that allowed for a closer view but she had her back to me there. I never was able to positively ID it as Billy but it certainly looked like her to me.

img_0053-juvie-on-hawkeye-ladder<From YMCA img_0057-yes-im-watching-you

Thankfully she did turn her head to give me a look at her face from the parking lot. The juvie flew off to the southwest and then Dana came by to join me. We both went to the YMCA parking lot. Upon finding the juvie on the top roof west side I took a walk on the Driving Park Bridge to the east end to get closer. On my way across I couldn’t help but stop and take some pics of the Genesee river foliage and the many fisherman to the north side of the bridge.

img_0067-taken-from-ymca img_0069-genesee-north-of-driving-park img_0070-fishing-in-genesee img_0074-river-foliage img_0084-juvie

The juvie jumped off the front ledge onto the roof where she couldn’t be seen as well. She poked her head up every once in a while and I thought she might be eating but that wasn’ t the  case. The lower falls were throwing quite the mist across the bridge and it was chilly so I wiped off my camera and walked back to my car.

img_0086-juvie img_0090-genesee-gorge-north-of-driving-park img_0087-juvie img_0091-heavy-mist-from-lower-falls-today<Click it

Across the street from the YMCA on Driving Park Blvd. is Maplewood Park known for its beautiful roses-I spotted a Robin and a couple little birdies on the path.

img_0093-robin-red-breast img_0099-birdies-in-the-leaf-litter

I had a short chat with Dana then I went back downtown. As I turned the corner from Exchange Blvd. onto Broad St. I spotted DC on the base of Mercury. I pulled over by the Blue Cross Arena to observe around 10:20am. He didn’t stay more than a couple minutes when he went across the back of the base showing his wings and making me think he flew off. Well it turns out he was just playing with old MAK as he merely went to the other side of the base where I couldn’t see him until I drove down to the hole. He didn’t stay there for long either, flying north after a minute or two.

img_0101-dc img_0102-dc img_0104-dc-is-off img_0105-dc-off

I took one final quick trip around downtown but didn’t find any falcons so I called it a watch at just past 10:30am. It was a nice Sunday morning watch that sent me home smiling! :)

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