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Morning watch 10-31-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was like a heatwave this morning compared to the last few days as the temperature was 44 degrees (F) 7 (C) unfortunately it was dark, kind of ghoulish and raining.

Despite the weather our falcons still have to tend to business and so do I. When I drove down Ajax Alley behind HSBC I spotted a falcon on the north side of the roof at 7:40am.


There was no way to ID this bird from there so I went to my spot on Chestnut St. near the Hotel Cadillac and could clearly see that it was Beauty and she was eating.

img_0003-beauty5 img_0008-beauty2

10 minutes after arriving the Beautyful one managed to slip away without me seeing. I went to the Broad St. bridge (BSB) to check Mercury as I had gotten a tweet from cam watcher FlaDonna that she thought she saw a falcon on the statue. Nobody was on it when I got there but thanks for trying to help me out from Florida! After an extensive search around the city the only thing I saw hanging out on  a building was the OCSR window washers who are still working on the northeast side.


I left for the Brighton site, arriving at 8:45am I found Pigott on the northwest corner of the west extension eating. She was quite wet but it had stopped raining momentarily.

img_0012-pigott-eating img_0015-pigott img_0027-pigott

Miss Pigott got spooked and stopped eating soon after I got there looking southeast cranking her neck up to see something. I didn’t see anything from the ground. She picked up her food and dropped it once so I knew she wasn’t done eating yet.

img_0017-a-wet-pigott img_0020-something-spooking-her img_0024-pigott-watching-something

I hung with her for about an hour and returned to downtown around 9:45am. As I was on the BSB looking at the Times Square building I thought I caught a falcon fly up in the OCSR elevator shaft out of the corner of my eye. I drove over to Main St. by the Radisson Hotel to look and there was one up there on the north side.


It was raining hard at this time but I could see white  so I figured it was Dot.Ca (DC). I was surprised that a falcon would go up in there while there were window washers right below the elevator shaft but I guess he wanted shelter from the rain more than avoiding people.

img_0029-dc-sheltered-from-rain-in-elevator-shaft img_0033-dc

At this point I wasn’t positive  this was DC so I set out to check for a second falcon. I found one on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications Tower and it was none other than Beauty so now I knew DC was in the elevator shaft.

img_0038-beauty2 img_0039-beauty3

I was content having seen all 3 of our Rochester Peregrine Falcons so I ended my watch at 10am happy and smiling! :)


Click on the links below to watch our wet falcons on video




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