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Morning watch 11-2-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The warm weather of yesterday has gone with the wind as the temperature was 20 degrees colder this morning at 43 (F) 6 (C)

I found Dot.Ca (DC) on the Mercury money bag (MMB) around 7:30am looking for prey as I parked on Bank Place next to the Philipone building.

img_0002-dc img_0008-dc-falcon-power

A few minutes later he flew north and then turned west and hit the after burners leaving my field of vision in a hurry. I chased after him going toward the Frontier Communications tower where I spotted a falcon fly off of it and head south. I put on the brakes and headed to the Broad St. Bridge where I saw a falcon circling the jail tower twice and then it landed on the top. I guessed it was DC since he’s the only one I’ve ever seen up there other than a juvie. Then Beauty circled and landed on the top arm west side. I drove to Troup St. and was able to confirm that I was correct on who was who.

img_0011-beauty<Beauty img_0014-dc<DC   Click on my pics to view the full version img_0020-beauty-and-dc

The red light on top of the tower was lighting DC up as it blinked on and off making for a new species I have named the Red-throated Peregrine.


About a minute later Beauty flew up closer to her mate and less than 5 minutes after that  Beauty flew off and DC followed behind her prompting me to do the same.

img_0024-bdc img_0046-beauty-exits-left <Beauty  DC>  img_0047-dc-exits-right

I ended up in the hole as Beauty was peeking from the base of Mercury and DC was on the northeast corner of the Widows Walk (WW) railing.

img_0050-beauty img_0051-beauty img_0053-dc

I drove over to Fitzhugh St. by WW to see observe DC from the front and cam watcher reported that Beauty was gone from Mercury. Thanks! DC was watching starlings below and then he flew off and down to the northeast corner and started to eat cached food.

img_0057-dc img_0058-dc img_0069-dc

img_0075-dc-eating-cached-food img_0082-dc img_0087-falcon-on

After DC finished eating I drove off to find Beauty and spotted her on the opposite corner of WW eating her own piece of cached food.

img_0088-bdc<Click it>img_0092-watching-starlings img_0094-beautyful<Beauty

The Beautyful one had her back to me so I drove over to Broad St. to watch and shortly there after she flew north.


I left for the Brighton Site but Pigott wasn’t there. I called it a watch at 9:10am as I had places to be. I love how Beauty and DC are sticking so close together these days-it makes me smile! :)

Click on the links below to see 3 videos from my watch




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