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Morning watch 11-3-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

When I stepped out the house this morning it was a brisk 34 degrees (F) 1 (C) with a light breeze and overcast skies

I found Beauty on her night time roosting spot-the 5th column from the southeast corner of Xerox on the south side at 6:40am.

img_0006-beauty img_0010-foliage img_0015-beautyfulClick on my pics for full version

10 minutes later cam watcher Annette (thank you) tweeted that there was a falcon on the Mercury money bag (MMB). So Dot.Ca (DC) had arrived and was probably looking for Beauty. A mere minutes after that the Beautyful one flew off in that direction. As I pulled up on the Broad St. Bridge I could see DC on the Mercury money bag (MMB).

img_0019-dc img_0011-still-color-left img_0023-dc

While I observed DC I spotted Beauty fly to the jail tower and land on the top arm west side. I drove to Troup St. but she was gone when I got there. I then droveĀ  to the hole to watch DC on the MMB and as I arrived I found Beauty on the Wilder buildings green strip near the fire escape ladder around 7:15am.

img_0034-beauty img_0038-dc img_0041-beauty img_0012-fall-in-the-city

Even with all the rain and wind we’ve had the last few days there’s still color on the trees as the leaves hang on. Beauty had her back to me for the most part-she would turn her head now and again. DC was looking for a prey bird to fly by so he could snatch it. Right around 7:30am Beauty took off and a split second later DC followed as they flew north out of sight.I looked for them but didn’t find them so I went to the Brighton Site (BS). Pigott was nowhere to be found so I returned to downtown. As I was driving east on Court St. Beauty came flying toward me from the east and over my head-she continued due west. I caught up with her on the base of Mercury at 8:30am as she had a small package and was eating and plucking feathers.

img_0055-beauty-smiling img_0056-beauty img_0060-feather-face

She stopped eating after 15-20 minutes and started trying to situate her leftovers in her talons just right but when she flew off it dropped.

img_0077-about-to-pounce img_0078-almost-lost-it img_0098-beauty-and-her-prey

I didn’t see if she grabbed it but I found her on the Wilder green strip again after a short search. Again Beauty showed me her back and this time she started napping as she had satisfied her hunger minutes earlier. She went into a bit of a defensive posture briefly as DC flew in right above her and continued on to come to rest on the 2nd ibeam south corner of OCSR.

img_0105-beauty img_0046-mums-hanging-in-there1 img_0127-hey-mak-can-you-hear-me

As tiny little snow pellets fell on and off I was impressed that some of the mums around the city are still hanging in there even tho we’ve had a killing frost. There are survivors in all walks of life! I decided to end my watch 3 hours after I started it at 9:30am with Beauty to my left and DC to my right-smiling as I left the hole! :)

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