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Morning watch 1-24-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The bank clock on State St. said it was 2 degreesĀ  (F) -17 (C) as I arrived downtown for my watch at 7:10am. When the sun came up there were no clouds to block it but it didn’t raise the temp much

I had no luck finding a falcon downtown in my first hour so I drove to the Brighton Site (BS). Arriving there at 8am, I found Pigott on the top window of the southeast extension in the corner where it meets the east extension. She was preening in the bright sunshine.

img_0002oh-darn-i-think-mak-can-see-me img_0004-pigott img_0006-her-crazy-look img_0007-pigott img_0023-pigott

While I was taping Pigott, a woman pulled up next to me and asked if this was where the forensics unit was-I was kind of short with her because I was taping but I had quite a chuckle after I stopped my camera, thinking maybe they could use a forensics unit for the BS building. AsĀ  in-who knows what might be in this old abandoned building with all the vagrants and vandalism that takes place! Anyway,10 minutes later Miss Pigott made a few sounds announcing the arrival of Dot.Ca (DC) who landed a couple windows to her left on the southeast extension.

img_0022-how-bout-a-feather-in-your-eye-not-lol img_0031-dc1 img_0035-whats-up-there-buddy img_0038-hi-buddy img_0040-just-before-take-off

He stayed only 10 minutes or so looking to and fro and then he was off to the south. DC didn’t return in the next 15 minutes so I said goodbye to Pigott, who was still preening and left for downtown at 8:30am to look for Beauty. I found the Beautyful one on the east side of the Kodak Office playpen. I got there just in time for one pic and a short video as she flew off through the smoke of a chimney stack passing above me and flying to the south.

img_0044-beautyful-one img_0044-beauty

I left to look for her on all the usual downtown perches but she was nowhere to be found by this watcher. I ended my watch at 9:30am with a smile after seeing all 3 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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6 Responses to “Morning watch 1-24-14”

  1. Ciuciek Says:

    Dotca like better Piggot than Beauty ;p

    Two wifes, I feel sorry to him…

  2. MAK Says:

    Well Ciuciek, it looks like right now Dot.Ca likes Pigott better. I figure since he seemed to spend most of his time with Beauty in the first half of winter that now it’s Pigotts turn. Just my thoughts! :)

  3. Nora Says:

    Yes, I’ve missed a whole lot since 2005. I followed everything every day from about 2001 till then.

    How did Piggott and Dot.ca get their names?

    Was anything ever definitively found out about Mariah and Kaver? Or is it assumed they died of natural causes?

    I’m sure enjoying your daily blog entries now, and look forward to a new season!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    You have missed a whole lot Nora. If you click on “Blogs” (above) and then click on Imprints, you’ll be able to catch up on what has happened since you were last here.

  5. MAK Says:

    Nora, Pigott was born in Hamilton,Ontario,Canada and was named after a prominent family there. Dot.Ca was born in Toronto at the Sunlife nest site-he was named by school children with technology as the theme as in dot .com, instead of com his is Ca for Canada hence Dot.Ca! We can’t say definitely where Mariah and Kaver ended up after losing their territory. :)

  6. OlRedHair Says:

    Thanks so much for the summary, MAK.

    I’ll also read the entries in Imprints.

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