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Afternoon watch 5-30-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

My friend Sue said she’d go on a watch with me and of course she had to twist my arm to comply! So we headed out to Kodak Park on this bright,breezy and sunny Memorial Day. As we were driving up to lot #73 we spotted 2 falcons fly to the PPH. Before we could get out the truck they both flew out. Each going to a still. One of them flew off almost immediately and went over to the ORB and started whining so I knew that one was Unity. Archer was on the west still top catwalk on the north side. CarolP had driven up to join us at this time.

afternoon-watch-5-30-11-001-archer afternoon-watch-5-30-11-002-u

For the most part Unity whined to Archer and he ignored her while preening himself. He would however end up flying over to the ORB where they copulated. Archer then flew over to the short still next to the tall still and Unity went to the west still and started whining again. KathyO joined us and we had another copulation on the tall still if I remember correctly. Archer and Unity went in the PPH for a few minutes with Archer coming out and flying high above us for a few minutes before heading south and out of view. While the 4 of us watched him we lost track of Unity and then we had no falcons. I sat there wondering and worrying that she had followed him downtown so after a few minutes I decided we were going downtown. CarolP left to go home and KathyO went up to lot#77 to join Dan who was up there watching. We searched and searched without finding any falcons but we did spot 4 men up on top of Times Square in the middle of the wings. I have no idea what they were doing.


Sue and I waited until they got down in case Beauty or Archer came by to dive bomb them. We took one more trip around the city and finally to my relief  I spotted Beauty on the top arm of the FCT.


I received a tweet from KathyO that they had 2 falcons at KP. Phew, I could go home knowing that all was quiet and no battles had taken place. :)

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