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Morning watch 6-9-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was quite overcast and humid this morning in downtown Rochester. There isn’t much to report for I only spent about 20 minutes of my 2hr. 30min. watch with Beauty. When I arrived on the Broad St. bridge she was under the northeast wing of the Times Square building.

morning-watch-6-9-11-002-beauty morning-watch-6-9-11-007-the-beautyful-one

I drove down to Aqueduct St. to be closer to her. The Beautyful one had a white feather sticking out of her back. After she rousted (term for shaking her body as told to me by a couple of our watchers) the feather fell off her and floated off into the warm breeze. She went back to preening herself and scratching her head with one of those incredible big yellow feet.

morning-watch-6-9-11-004-b-with-feather morning-watch-6-9-11-005-b

Soon after, Beauty stood up and pooped.  I got ready for her takeoff as they usually fly off afterward.

morning-watch-6-9-11-006-b-steppin-out morning-watch-6-9-11-008-beauty-leaving-ts

Beauty stepped out onto the ledge with her right leg, spread her wings and took off over my head and over the Thomson Reuters building out of sight. For the next 2 hours I searched and never found her again. I thought perhaps she had caught breakfast and had eaten somewhere I couldn’t see. Once she eats she usually just hangs out somewhere. So I left downtown happy to have seen our Beautyful one but as always wanting more! :)

2 Responses to “Morning watch 6-9-11”

  1. Ginny Says:

    I love the photos MAK and how lucky to even have 20 minutes with the BEAUTY-ful one.

  2. MAK Says:

    I know Ginny, I’m very lucky! :)

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