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Morning watch 6-15-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Good day everyone! Beauty was perched at the nestbox when I left for downtown this morning but she left while I was in commute (the little stinker) so I had to look for her when I arrived. Parked on the Andrews St. bridge I spotted her on the roof of the Radisson Hotel as she took off VERY fast! This is NOT a usual building for her to go but then, she is not exactly acting like herself these days(in my opinion). I  followed her with my binocs until she disappeared behind the Thomson Reuters building upriver heading in the direction of the Cornhill area. I thought for sure she had gone to the jail tower which is located over that way but to my dismay she wasn’t there when I got over there.  She sure does like to play hide and seek with me lately!  I took some pics of the Genesee River between the Broad and Court St. bridges. It has receded quite a bit in the last few days and the rocks are now visible for the shorebirds to hang out on again.

morning-watch-6-15-11-020-genesee-river morning-watch-6-15-11-021-duck morning-watch-6-15-11-025-river-birds

After searching around the city for an hour and a half going places I have never been before, I finally located the Beautyful one on the jail tower. She was on the 3rd arm down southeast side.


I drove over to Troup St. to be closer to Beauty. We spent 20 minutes together before she took off headed toward downtown.

morning-watch-6-15-11-028-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-15-11-033-steppin-out morning-watch-6-15-11-034-b-leaving-jail-tower

I drove back to the Times Square area with no sign of her and subsequently I was not able to find her again before I ended my watch. As always I am happy to have seen her at all on this bright, sunny morning in Rochester,NY! See ya! :)

For pics from last nights watch at Kodak Park and more of this mornings watch click on the link below:


One Response to “Morning watch 6-15-11”

  1. Sue Says:

    Thank you for this blog. It is my “must” read everyday. I appreciate your dedication!!!

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