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Morning watch 7-25-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Since there wasn’t much to my morning watch I am combining it with last nights’ watch with Joyce,Brian and Dan at KP.  Joyce picked me up and we went to Irondequoit Bay to look for a Peregrine that someone told Joyce they had seen there. We didn’t find it and there were no eagles around either but we did see some Turkey Vultures way over on the other side of the bay. We then took a ride to Webster to visit SusanC for her birthday and after that we rode over to KP. There is a groundhog burrow near lot 73 with a sizable hole where Joyce placed a sign she got from her workplace.


When we went up to lot 77 Dan was sitting there all by his lonesome in his lawn chair. Unity had just flown in and landed on the tall still.


Soon after spotting her a Kestrel flew by and landed on a light pole.


It took off before I could get any more pics of it and then Unity flew off heading west until we were blinded by the sun and lost sight of her. We left Dan there calling it a night and Joyce dropped me off home.

This morning parked on Clinton Ave. next to Washington Square Park I found Beauty on the northwest corner of the HSBC building and she was snacking on something.


I drove over to Broadway St. and parked across from the Columbus building and spent the next 45 minutes with the Beautyful one until she flew off heading west toward the river.

morning-watch-7-25-11-010-beauty morning-watch-7-25-11-012-beauty

I followed behind and didn’t see her at the nestbox on my way through. So with time running out before I had to leave I drove over to the FCT and found her on her favorite perch there on the east side under the platform.

morning-watch-7-25-11-013-beauty morning-watch-7-25-11-016-beautymorning-watch-7-25-11-017-b

I called it a watch and left  Beauty at this point so I could get the truck home on time. Remember to keep your eyes to the sky! :)

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