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Morning watch 1-26-15

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 12 (F) -11 (C) degrees with calm, overcast conditions

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No falcons at Seneca Towers when I left this morning but when I got home 99 was on the south end top window ledge with a full crop. I had to go take care of some business and when I got home at about 2pm both Billie and 99 were on the same windows at each end facing each other. I had no camera with me at that time but I got a couple pics of 99 from earlier.

img_0050-99-with-a-full-crop img_0053-99 img_0054-99

On to the downtown part of my watch-I didn’t find Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) until 8:30am as I was heading east on the Court St. Bridge. They were both on the west side of Bausch & Lomb-DC on the northwest corner and Beauty farther down heading toward Archer’s corner.

img_0010-beauty-and-dc img_0014-dc1 img_0017-beauty1

They just stayed perched that way for a while, both looking around their surroundings and at each other.

img_0022-bdc1 img_0024-beauty img_0027-dc3

DC walked back away from the corner out of sight for a couple seconds then returned to the corner and at 8:34am Beauty flew over to the corner behind DC. I think all this might have had something to do with food but can’t say for sure. Today’s snippet movie includes both of these activities.

img_0029-beauty1 img_0030-beauty-lands-behind-dc img_0031-bdc

The Beautyful one also walked back a few steps then came back to the corner and tried to “Shake it off” lol as DC watched her every move from over his shoulder.

img_0032-bdc img_0033-beauty-shake-it-off-shake-it-off-lol img_0035-dc1

My camera battery had been flashing that the charge was low and I was trying to hold out until after they took off but I chose to change it out with a new one before it died all together. Of course while I was doing so Beauty and DC checked out on me so I had no idea what direction they flew off to. I took a ride around downtown and after no luck stopped to get some coffee at the Main and State St. Tim Horton’s. As I was walking to my car, I spotted DC on the northeast corner of Widows Walk with his back to me. I drove over to Broad St. and parked in front of the Ebenezer Watts building where fellow falcon watcher and good friend DebbieH works. From there I could see Beauty was on the southwest corner across from DC.

img_0039-bdc img_0040-dc1 img_0042-beauty img_0045-location-shot

Once again they snuck off while I wasn’t looking as I tweeted out their whereabouts. Some days are like that! After another trip around downtown I found DC up in the OCSR elevator shaft on the south side ledge.

img_0048-dc img_0049-dc

This is where I ended my watch at 9:30am. It seems that the theme these days is together-Beauty and DC plus Billie and 99 are all staying close to each other getting ready for the coming season of courtship and bonding. This makes me smile! :)

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 1-26-15”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    I’m ready to start giggling!! but then I’m an old lady .. Can’t wait for all the spring stuff: Valentines and sneaking off together and laying eggs and all that fun and nonsense!!! J.

  2. MAK Says:

    It’ll be here before ya know it June! :)

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