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Morning watch 11-10-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hello everyone!  It sure felt good to get back in the saddle again thanks to Joyce. She picked me up around 7:15am and we went straight downtown.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find the Beautyful one but it sure was fun looking. Joyce had a 8:15 doctor appointment so we had a break in our watch. After she was done we went by the Rochester Psyche Center and lo and behold I spotted a falcon on the southeast corner.

morning-watch-11-10-11-009-rpc-7 morning-watch-11-10-11-008-rpc-6 morning-watch-11-10-11-007-rpc-51

She soon flew over to a window ledge opposite of the corner she was on. I thought perhaps because it was more protected as it started to rain lightly.

morning-watch-11-10-11-013-rpc-10 morning-watch-11-10-11-011-rpc-8 morning-watch-11-10-11-012-rpc-9

At this point we decided to go get some breakfast. When we returned she was back on the southeast corner near a tree that was growing on the roof.

morning-watch-11-10-11-015-rpc-11 morning-watch-11-10-11-016-rpc-12 morning-watch-11-10-11-017-rpc-131

I say she because we think based on size it was a female falcon. We didn’t get any pics of the legs so we don’t know if she’s banded. Joyce was going to compare pics of the wintering pair that was there last year with this one as she thinks it’s one of them and neither one was banded.

morning-watch-11-10-11-002-rpc-2 morning-watch-11-10-11-006-rpc-4 morning-watch-11-10-11-003-rpc-3

She flew off to the south and stooped on something before vanishing behind some trees. 4 pigeons came flying overhead and when I turned to look at the building again I saw her back up on the southeast corner. I thought maybe she had doubled back on us as I’m used to Beauty and Archer doing so to me all the time. Joyce agreed that she thought so too!  We left our mystery falcon to take another shot at finding Beauty. Again we were foiled with no sign of her in all the usual spots. I was disappointed to not see our Beautyful one but thankful to be out and about again and for having seen the RPC falcon. We went over to Kodak Park to look for Unity but she too was nowhere to be seen. My knee was telling me that it was time to go home and ice it, so Joyce brought me home thus ending my first falcon watch since October 16 the day before my knee replacement surgery.  Special thanks to Joyce for getting me out to do what I love best and for making me smile!  :)

5 Responses to “Morning watch 11-10-11”

  1. Kris G. Says:

    Glad you’re able to be out doing Falcon watches again, MAK! Enjoyed your report and pics but sorry Beauty wasn’t around to welcome you back-maybe on your next watch.

  2. Ginny Says:

    Hi MAK!!! It is SO GOOD to have you back! I’m glad you are feeling better and hopefully Beauty will show next time!!!! :-)

  3. MAK Says:

    Thanks guys! Beauty is just playing falcon games with me. I’ll see her eventually and when I do it will be a Beautyful thing!!! :)

  4. Alison Says:

    Reading your report is making me smile because I know you are out and about, doing what you love to do.

  5. MAK Says:

    Glad to hear you’re smiling Alison! It is my goal to make people smile! :)

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