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Afternoon watch 11-12-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Joyce picked me up this afternoon for a watch and we got Brian to go along with us. We found the Beautyful one hanging out on the top ibeam north side of the OCSR building. She had her back to us but she did keep turning her head so we could see her face.

afternoon-watch-11-12-11-001-b afternoon-watch-11-12-11-002-b

We didn’t stay long for we wanted to check on Unity at KP and then go to the Charlotte pier to look for Snowy Owls and the amount of daylight would be working against us. We didn’t find Unity right away because she was on the north side of the tall still and we had to do some driving around to locate her. I was happy to see this gorgeous girl for I hadn’t seen her in even longer a period of time as I went without seeing Beauty. And she was looking pretty big to me!

afternoon-watch-11-12-11-005-u afternoon-watch-11-12-11-006-u afternoon-watch-11-12-11-008-u

We went to Charlotte pier after finding Unity at KP and had no luck finding a Snowy owl but we did see a migrating Brant Goose.

afternoon-watch-11-12-11-010-brant-goose afternoon-watch-11-12-11-012-brant-goose afternoon-watch-11-12-11-013-brant-goose

We left the shore of Lake Ontario in Charlotte and took a ride next to Seabreeze and Irondequoit Bay. There were many Mute Swans on the bay. With daylight quickly leaving us I took a few pics of them.

afternoon-watch-11-12-11-014-swans1 afternoon-watch-11-12-11-016-swan-butts afternoon-watch-11-12-11-015-swans

There’s 2 swan with their tail feathers in the air in the second pic above so make sure to click on the pic for the large version. And that would be all for todays outing. Until next time keep smiling!  :)

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