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Morning/afternoon watch 11-13-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Joyce picked me up this morning for a watch and upon arriving downtown about 11:00am we found the Beautyful one on the Times Square building under the northeast wing and she was plucking feathers from prey.

morning-afternoon-watch-11-13-11-006-b morning-afternoon-watch-11-13-11-013-b morning-afternoon-watch-11-13-11-015-b

After watching Beauty for an hour or so we checked out the old Rochester Psyche Center but there was no falcon to be seen at this location today. We then went back downtown and found Beauty on the top ibeam north side of  the OCSR building. We left her soon there after to go to my house to wait for fellow falcon watchers Bobbie from Ireland and Dawn with her dog Bullet to come for a visit.

bobbie-and-dawn abby-and-bullet the-bullet

Joyces’ dogs Abby and Casey were there too and they all had some good doggy play time in my backyard. Unfortunately all the pics I took with all 3 dogs were blurry cuz they were moving too fast! lol

After Dawn and Bobbie left, Joyce and I went over to KP to find Unity. We found her on the north side of the tall still on the second catwalk railing and she had a full crop.

morning-afternoon-watch-11-13-11-039-u morning-afternoon-watch-11-13-11-040-u morning-afternoon-watch-11-13-11-045-u

With daylight quickly fading we took one more trip downtown but couldn’t find Beauty and this is when we called it a watch. There are links at the end of my report for more pics and a video of todays observations. I hope you enjoy them and they make you smile!  :)



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