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Falcon Watch 8-4-17

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 68 (F) 20 (C) degrees and sunny when I first drove through downtown. A couple t-storms passed through followed by more sunny skies when I returned to downtown

I stopped on the Andrews St. bridge real quick and saw a falcon on the crossbeam that joins the northeast and southeast cubes on the Frontier Communications tower (FCT). I drove over to Fitzhugh St. to identify it as Dot.ca (DC).


Dark clouds with lightning were coming my way from the west so I left to get over to fellow falcon watcher and good friend, Jeannes’ place to walk Bella before it started storming. We got our walk in just before the skies opened up and began to pour of rain. I returned to downtown with gray skies finding Beauty on her northeast cube of FCT. There was nowhere to park close to her but I did manage to get a couple quick pics with bad lighting.

img_0013-beauty img_0015-b

You could see that the Beautyful one had been in the rain as her head feathers were wet. I checked the rest of the tower for DC but couldn’t find him. I thought perhaps he was over in the OCSR elevator shaft as he goes there when there’s inclement weather. I drove over to the Radisson Hotel and checked the north ledge first, he was not there so I went to Bragdon Place where I spotted his whiteness on the south side ledge.


I wanted to get to Seneca Towers before it got too late to see if anyone was home there and I was in luck as I found Seth on the north end window ledge from the Northridge Church parking lot. He was watching something intently down behind him as he kept looking over his shoulder. He stood up and I thought he would take off but then he settled back down into his over the shoulder stance.

img_0022 img_0031-seth1

A minute later Seth pooped, which is usually a tell tale sign that a falcon is going to fly off but nope, he just stretched and went back to watching over his shoulder.

seth-poops pooparazzi img_0034-stretch

A few minutes later Seth stooped straight down into the gorge at break neck speed and returned to his spot with nothing to show for his efforts.

img_0035-going-down img_0036-and-back-up

I wished him good luck with his hunt and ended my watch at 9:40am with a smile after seeing 3 of Rochester’s resident Peregrine Falcons! :)

Click on the link below to see today’s snippet video


12 Responses to “Falcon Watch 8-4-17”

  1. mary Says:

    Thanks, MAK for the early-morning falcon show. It’s wonderful to get glimpses of Beauty, Dot.ca and cousin Seth as we head toward Fall.
    I live in northern CA, so I check Falcon Watch and then tune into the live streaming cameras during your midday and afternoon hours. I have seen some great clips of Beauty, Dot.ca, sometimes fending off their feisty offspring in the Powers box, and on the Powers box. I can now really appreciate the difference in size between Rachel and Ontario. And, I, too enjoy the activities in the river– GBH, Night Herons and The Duck Families.
    All will soon be off on their Winter journeys, and we will wait and hope to see them again next Spring.

  2. betty Says:

    Mak just wanted to thank you for a wonderful summer of your great pics* your writings of our beautiful babies. you come out with the cutiest sayings. i also enjoyed the snippets again thank you& mabye we will see some great pics of our beautiful fall.

  3. MAK Says:

    You are most welcome Mary! I’m glad you came along with me on my watches. Though I won’t be going every day I will still be checking on our falcons from time to time! :)

  4. MAK Says:

    Betty, I promise to share the fall foliage with you. If you’ve never seen autumn pics of the river gorge from my sky seat at Seneca Towers then you’re in for a real treat! :)

  5. WLABarb Says:

    It’s a little like “lotto letdown” when the kids move on…except for the fact that you and the other Watchers continue to keep us connected with the resident adult PEFAs. If it weren’t for all of you, we wouldn’t know much about their whereabouts until Springtime. So it’s great to know you’ll be out there occasionally to keep tabs on these beloved super stars of the Rochester sky. I look forward to more of the sunsets, fall foliage and winter wonderland shots from your ST “sky seat.”

    Thanks for your latest report, photos and video, MAK!

  6. MAK Says:

    Happy to hear from you Barb! It is kind of an empty feeling when the kids leave and you don’t know how they’re doing. Thankfully the adults stay the winter here in Rochester so we can all get our PEFA fix! :)

  7. Carla Provenzano Says:

    MAK, wonderful report and snippet, but of course, we expect no less!!! It was another great PeFa season, and the only thing I enjoyed more than your reports was my actual Falcon Watches with you!

  8. Carla Provenzano Says:

    MAK, wonderful report and snippet, but of course, we expect no less!!! It was another great PeFa season, and the only thing I enjoyed more than your reports was my actual Falcon Watches with you! THANK YOU! XO

  9. MAK Says:

    Thanks Carla! Too bad we didn’t have more watches together than we did!! You’re always welcome to come for a visit and maybe see Billie and Seth from my sky seat! :)

  10. TapperGal Says:

    Thank you MAK for this lovely “watch”I love seeing Beauty and especially DC and Seth.You had good luck as usual spotting them.I am off to Michigan for my dear sister’s burial.Since she was cremated ,held up and I needed to return home.Will stay only 2 weeks versus my usual 6 weeks.Different now that sister is gone.Will enjoy staying with niece up north and of course seeing my 2 nephews as well.Have a good rest of summer and will check in on return home.Always love the beautiful foliage from your apartment.Thanks for that in advance!!!!

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  12. MAK Says:

    Diane, I wish you peace and hope you will be comforted by the memories of your sister. I will definitely share the fall foliage from my sky seat! :)

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