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Morning watch 7-22-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Carol and I arrived downtown around 9:45am. We were to meet Maureen from Massachusetts who was stopping by enroute to Niagara Falls. Brian joined us just before Maureen and her friend Laura got there.


Orion came out to the front rail by the main cam where you could see him from the Broad Street Bridge where we were watching from. The girls were thrilled to see him but we all were a bit nervous about him being so close to the ledge where he could easily fall off if he lost his balance or the wind could lift him off!


Carol set up the scope so we could get a close look at Orion which Maureen and Laura quite enjoyed. Carol and I took pics of Maureens tattoos which included Spiderman! We took them over to the High Falls pedestrian bridge to check out where Mariah and Kaver used to soar through the gorge with their many babies. Maureen started watching them around year 2005. After we parked and started walking to the bridge I found a Cicada laying upside down on the sidewalk. He obviously was in distress baking in the hot sun so I picked him up and put him in the shade of a tree. He was still there when we came back through after our watch so hopefully he recovered and could carry on with his life.

img_7385-cicada img_7386-cicada-in-tree

Joyce met us there with her dogs Casey and Abby. While we were there we saw some Canadian Geese, the new paint job on the Genesee Brewery(notice to the right at the end of the bridge-Skyes building is now gone)and Beauty on the west corner of OCSR on the top ibeam.

img_7387-fresh-paint-on-genesee-brewery img_7389-b

She left from there and suddenly she was gracing the sky above us! Flying over the gorge and the Genesee brewery and making her way back to the Times Square area. How nice of the Beautyful one to come out and greet her fans from Massachusetts. It was a surprise and treat for us local watchers as well! Unfortunately my camera battery was dead and I couldn’t get any pics of her as she flew over but  it gave me the perfect opportunity to just stand back and watch her magnificence! It was getting extremely hot in the sun and it was time for Maureen and Laura to move on to Niagara Falls so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I had a nice time with our new friends from Massachusetts and I know we all left downtown smiling! :)

For a few more pics click on the link below


3 Responses to “Morning watch 7-22-12”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    Awesome pictures, MAK!! Thank you soooo much for being an incredible host too! It was an awesome experience spending time with you all, Beauty and Orion. :)

  2. MAK Says:

    It was very nice to meet you Maureen. I hope you come back soon and can stay longer next time. Until then take care! :)

  3. Maureen in MA Says:


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