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Some Monday Falcon Watch Tweets - 12/10/12; Falcons Seen Today Pigott, BST & maybe Beauty Hunting

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was a warmer day in the 50’s this afternoon, but very cloudy and rainy.  I was not able to do a falcon watch today, but I want to keep up posting the tweets left by the other Watchers that are not posting their reports.  It’s important to record all of the Rochester Falcon Watchers observations.

Today’s Tweets from Rochester Falcon Watchers that do not post their reports:

1:50 pm - Lisa McK - “At BS, 2 falcons on east extension.  2 days to ROC the Day.”

3:10 pm - Kathy O - “BS Falcon report .. Found P and BST on east side .. One on SE corner roof and the other on window ledge up against bldg on south side.”

3:40 pm - Kathy O - “BS falcon report .. Food being prepped on south vent.”

4:30 pm - Kathy O - “BS falcon report - falcon report .. Joyce here in the pouring rain with me .. P still eating on south vent .. BST has taken shelter some …”

5:00 pm - Joyce - “P is tucked in on a windowsill where E & NE wings meet.  P is 3 Floors down at her nite roosting spot Lisa discovered. Still can’t find BST.”

Kathy let me know that when Pigott was eating, BST did not beg at all.  Another observation of behavior to record.

There were no sightings of Beauty on Camera #1 today.

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