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Tuesday Falcon Watch Tweets - 12/18/12; Falcons Seen Today: Beauty, Pigott & BST

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Today it rained most of the day, but happily all three Rochester Falcons were seen by the Rochester Falcon Watchers out and about.

Tweets by other Falcon Watchers that do not Post Their Own Reports

1:50 pm - Kathy O - “KP - Pigeons all lined up on black strip of blue building at KP .. No falcons that I can see.”

2:30 pm - Kathy O - “DT - Looked all over downtown for beauty no luck .. Also checked elevator shaft .. She’s being smart getting out of this rain.”

2:43 pm - Kathy O - “BS - Both P & BST at BS next to each other on south east window ledge under overhang.  Raining hard here.”

3:04 pm - Donna on RfalconcamNow - “Beauty has come out of hiding - On Mercury.” - as seen from Camera #1

3:14 pm - Kathy O - “BS - Rain has stopped.  P & BST taking advantage and stretching their wings making short flights & coming right back.”

3:22 pm - Donna on RfalconcamNow - “Beauty has left the hand!” - as seen on Camera #1

3:30 pm - Kathy O - “DT - I missed beauty .. Mercury has been taken over by little birds.”

4:20 pm - Joyce - “BS - Pigott on south roof corner and BS Tiercel on E extension  corner.”

4:30 pm - Lisa McK - “BS - Driving on main rd to BS, just east of BS saw falcon dive bombing Red Tail hawk.”

4:40 pm - Lisa McK - “BS - At BS, both falcons on east side of bldg.  Crows gathering to the south, 1,000’s.”

Rochester Watchers Kathy O, Joyce and Lisa McK were out this afternoon in the rain and dreariness.  Thanks ladies!  and thanks to Donna for letting us know what was being seen on Camera #1.  Between all of them, all three Rochester Falcons were seen this afternoon; Beauty, Pigott & BST (BS location Tiercel).

I’ll leave you with a picture taken by Kathy O on her cell phone.  It shows Pigott & BST sitting side by side on a windowsill in the rain.  Thanks Kathy!

Pigott & BST at BS Taken by Kathy O - 12/18/12

4 Responses to “Tuesday Falcon Watch Tweets - 12/18/12; Falcons Seen Today: Beauty, Pigott & BST”

  1. margaret Says:

    So BST and Ms. Pigott are officially “a couple”?

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Hi Margaret - I think right now they’re just sharing a building and each others company. They have not been seen bonding by any of the Watchers. We’ve seen Beauty with visiting Winter Tiercels that have been chased out once Archer returned. All we can do is watch and report what we see. There’s just no way to predict what will happen. :-)

  3. Lori F Says:

    I have been so busy over the weekend and past couple of days. Been relaxing before heading out to work, catching up on my falcon fix. Thank you everyone for your great reports and pics. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment Lori F. You have a good day too!

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