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A Saturday Afternoon Falcon Watch - 12/22/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Pigott & BST; and Beauty Earlier

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It started snowing and blowing last night.  Today I woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground and the winds were whipping it around, cutting visibility down quite a bit.

Bring on that White Christmas!  :-)

I had to do a late afternoon watch today.

Here are the tweets from myself and others that do not post reports:

3:10 pm - Carol P - “DT. Beauty is no where to be found. I have been all over downtown. Very cold and windy but no snow at this time. But there is snow here!”

3:40 pm - Carol P - “BS. Both P&BST here at BS. At SE end.”

7:10 pm - Joyce - “BS - Bldg seems so lit up with snow on ground and clouds above. 2 falcons on windows 1 and 3 floors down NE roosting spot.”

7:20 pm - Joyce - “BS - Pefa on top floor window moved. Drove around looking in favorite spots. Found falcon close to SE corner of east extension 3 floors down.  Yay a successful  nighttime falcon watch, except I can’t tell who’s who.”


Today I arrived downtown at about 3:00 pm.  I drove all over the downtown area looking for Beauty but was unable to find her.  She was not in the OCSR elevator shaft either.  We know she has her spots where we can’t find her.  MAK reported seeing a falcon hunting this morning, which was more than likely Beauty.  Having no luck finding her, I headed over to the BS location.

Both Pigott and BS were on the SE end of the building very close to each other.  BS was on a windowsill below Pigott and she was on the corner of the building.  It wasn’t snowing, but the winds were really whipping and while Pigott was preening, she almost got knocked off the building more than once.

BST at BS 12/22/12Pigott at BS - 12/22/12*





BST at BS 12/22/12Pigott struggling with the wind - 12/22/12*





I had to be somewhere at 4:00 pm, so I didn’t have long to stay and watch them.  I do love to watch a bird preen.  lol

Wish I had seen Beauty, but seeing both Pigott and BST together made it a very good day!

I’ll leave you with this picture of when the snows and winds started last evening.  Remember to click on any picture you would like to see in a larger version.  Thanks!!!

The snow started to come down last night and the winds roared! 12/21/12

4 Responses to “A Saturday Afternoon Falcon Watch - 12/22/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Pigott & BST; and Beauty Earlier”

  1. Lola Says:

    Love the picture of the snow and wind!

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Lola! I loved seeing it! :-)

  3. margaret Says:

    I, too, love the pic of the blowing snow! Great capture!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Margaret!

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