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Morning/afternoon watch 1-4-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was not near as cold out this morning as yesterday when I left for downtown. I parked on the Broad St. Bridge north side facing the Times Square building as I do every morning and waited for some action. 30 minutes went by when the aqueduct roosting pigeons came flying up from under the bridge going at a good clip and right behind them-Beauty. They all made there way upriver southbound and disappeared behind the Blue Cross Arena(BCA). 10 minutes later the pigeons made their way back and landed on the roof of the BCA. I hoped that this meant Beauty had caught one and was eating somewhere. I went for a drive to look for the Beautyful one and I found her as I stopped on the Andrews St. Bridge. She was on the top ibeam northeast side of OCSR so I left for closer viewing by the Radisson Hotel.

img_5046-hi-beauty img_5049-beauty

Judging from the bulging crop I’d say Beauty had herself a nice big breakfast. I stayed with her about 30 minutes and headed off to the Brighton site (BS) as I knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while. Nobody was home at BS so I got settled in to wait for them. It was very windy with gusty bursts that would create white out conditions at times. The road was drifted over in spots as well. Over an hour passed and I decided to go back downtown to make sure Beauty didn’t blow away. lol She was in the same spot as when I left her- digesting that big meal.


I stayed with her for an hour or so and then I left  to run an errand and get some lunch. I returned to BS a little after noon. FYI-when you turn into the driveway at BS you come to a one way road that goes to the right and circles around the building. The front of the building faces north and the right side is west with the east side being to your left. The back of the building faces south. Now as I came around from the back to the east side I spotted Pigott flying over the building headed north and then I saw BST on the east extension perched on a south facing window ledge.

img_5059-bst img_5060-bst

When Pigott didn’t return I took a couple spins around the property but never found her.  I stayed about 20  minutes as I observed BST looking around a lot-most likely watching for his winter mate the divine Miss Pigott. The wind was out of the west and southwest so he was getting blown pretty good up there.


He walked down the ledge a bit then flew over to an east facing ledge below where the roof top tree grows. Now when waiting for a takeoff  shot I always get the subject in view toward the top of the pic because almost always falcons go down first when they leave a perch. Well BST went up this time so all I got was his bandless legs! lol


Anyway he would be better protected from the wind over there.

img_5094-bst1 img_5097-bst1

So after close to a 6 hour watch I was successful in seeing all 3 current Rochester Peregrine Falcons-something to smile about for sure! :)

2 links for videos below-just click and watch


8 Responses to “Morning/afternoon watch 1-4-13”

  1. Kris G. Says:

    Whenever we’ve been to BS to see if we can see a Falcon, the traffic flow around the circle seems to always be heavy. Where do you usually park to watch where you don’t feel like you’re always in someone’s way? Thanks for going out in all the elements to check on the Falcons, MAK, and for writing your daily report! Wish Beauty would get a winter friend-she usually does at this time. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with BST when/if DC returns in the spring.

  2. MAK Says:

    Kris unfortunately when you go there during the work week it is a busy place. I pull over anywhere I need to. The security guards know me so I go in the parking lot too and just wave to them . Generally I try to avoid the parking lot when there are cars parked in it. I know what you mean about feeling like you’re in the way-they are in a hurry all the time over there. There’s lots of winter left so Beauty may get a male visitor yet. I’m trying to not think about DC coming back and hurting BST or worse. I really like this guy. :)

  3. margaret Says:

    I , too, was thinking about B and her male, winter, playmates — they are so fun to see. but if it stays calm this winter, that is a good thing! BST is a cutie, and he and Ms. P seem to be bonding, so maybe DC will return to B. (Need a score card here every year!)
    Life will prevail, and there will be new life in Rochester this spring! THe days are growing longer and soon we will be thinking about the new hatches here….

  4. MAK Says:

    Margaret, calm works just fine for me but it would be nice to have another one to keep track of. :)

  5. carla Says:

    Thanks MAK for your great reports.I admire you (and the other watchers) for always being there,in snow or stormy weather.We always know how our falcons are doing.And thanks fot the pictures and video’s,as I feel always close to them.

  6. MAK Says:

    You’re welcome Carla! I’m so glad that I can do it and I love hearing from people that I have made them feel like they are there with me! That is my intention!! :)

  7. Campgee Says:

    That’s exactly what your reports do MAK, make us all feel like we are there with you and the falcons.

    Time will tell if the calm will remain, me thinks not but hey, we can hope and have faith!

  8. MAK Says:

    That’s right, we can always hope for calm tho I think Dot.Ca will have something to say about that when he returns. And I love taking y’all along with me if only thru my reports. Nice to hear from you Camp! :)

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