RFalconcam Makes City Newspaper’s ‘Annual Manual’

Every year Rochester’s City Newspaper publishes their Annual Manual, a guide that seeks to compile all that’s great about the Flower City into a single digest. This year, rather than go after the big attractions, they concentrated on aspects of life here that might not have the marquee value of the Eastman Theater or the Memorial Art Gallery, but nevertheless contribute in a big way to Rochester’s unique appeal.

We’re happy to announce that the Rochester Falconcam got some love in the Local Bloggers section. Writer Kate Antonides penned a nice summary of the Falconcam and our two blogs, Imprints and FalconWatch. Click the link above to read her article, then take a little time to explore the rest of the 2011 Annual Manual.

One Response to “RFalconcam Makes City Newspaper’s ‘Annual Manual’”

  1. Alison says:

    Cool new look on the website. And large print for us old bathrobe brigaders :-)