Linn Returns With A Friend!

Linn 26 October
Photos courtesy of Mark Nash, Canadian Peregrine Foundation

We’ve received some happy news from Mark Nash and our friends at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation– Linn is back!!!

You may recall that Linn was spotted there at the beginning of the year, but then she left for parts unknown. She’s back now, and she’s brought a friend, as Mark Nash reports:

Over the past four plus weeks, we have been getting regular sightings of a pair of peregrines that have been hanging around the Bell hack site at Pharmacy & Eglinton. Both birds (a male and female) have been observed coming in and out of the hack box, as well as roosting, sleeping and feeding regularly on various elevations on the Bell building. This morning we were able to confirm Bruce Massey’s observation of the female’s band number that he [observed] this past weekend (November 8th & 9th 2008) – Black 91 over Green V.

She has been identified as Linn from Rochester – produced at the Kodak nest site in 2007!!

Her male friend also [wears] a Black over Green colour marker band (but we have not been able to get his numbers yet). BUT his USFWS band appears to be a purple/mauve colour. While it may be a coloured tape, it does not appear to be case. We will continue to monitor the site in the hopes that we might get an ID on this guy.

Mark sent along some pictures of Linn the male who accompanied her, presented here for your viewing pleasure.
adult-male-oct-27-2008_900×600.jpg     Linn Showing ID Band     adult-male-oct26-2008_900×600.jpg

What a beauty she is in her adult plumage! We’re thrilled to know that Linn is back. If this male is her mate, they’ve chosen an excellent spot to nest and raise young in 2009! Our gratitude and appreciation go to Bruce Massey, Mark Nash, and all the great folks at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for keeping an eye out for Linn, and for welcoming yet another Rochester peregrine to grace the skies of Canada!


9 Responses to “Linn Returns With A Friend!”

  1. Gale Johnson says:

    This is great. Maybe we will see an International family reunion along the Atlantic coast during a migration of birds.

  2. Lola says:

    Great pictures !! Thanks so much.

  3. jeanne says:

    What a thrill it is to know where one of these little ones are! She is just a beauty!! And her mate is too!

  4. Kim in Italy says:

    Linn!!! :D
    Linn back and with a friend!
    Thank you Jess and Mark Nash, Bruce Massey and all who bring us this great news!
    Go Linn!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  5. Great news, I often think about the 2007 FAB FOUR and this couldn’t have been better news! Thanks to every person that keeps a loving eye on the Peregrines. Great Thanksgiving news.

  6. Kathy V says:

    Oh yes, thank you Bruce and Mark and all those involved for sending the update and photos. I am so excited to hear Linn is doing well, and (possibly) going to raise a family. I will be waiting for more news.This is so excting…oh yeah.

  7. June Kogut says:

    Thank you everyone for this fabulous news and pictures. I sometimes wish that all our young could have the equipment Quest carries around so we would have a better picture of where and how they all are. It’s always a bit of relief when one shows up in such apparent good health (and with a friend)…It certainly is exciting, Kathy !!!

  8. Melissa says:

    Although I didn’t follow the falcons at that time,
    it was so good to hear about one of Mariah’s and
    Kavar’s offspring!! And she does look so beautiful,
    and how exciting if she does end up settling down
    there…….we will have someone to keep us

  9. Paul says:

    She really reminds me of Mariah. Here is a big “thank you” to Bruce and Mark!