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Falcon Watch Tweets From 12/24 & 12/25/10

Compiled by Carol P.

12/24/10 – Christmas Eve

B = Beauty; OCSR = Old Changing Scenes Restaurant or First Federal Bldg.

MAK (7:40 am) – Happy Christmas Eve from downtown Rochester! B has arrived on Mercury’s money bag hand.

MAK (8:00 am) – B has just stooped on pigeons over the river. Missed it!

Carol P (10:10 am) – Looks like Beauty on OCSR with her back to me. South side, top Ibeam. Light snow falling on this Christmas Eve.

Carol P (10:30 am) – B just stooped low over the river eechupping. She then flew over me and landed on Mercury.  Now she just flew east!

Carol P (11:20 am) – Found B on the Kodak tower. On launchpad level, SE corner.


MAK (8:20 am) – MERRY CHRISTMAS from downtown Rochester! B is making us wait this morning.

MAK (8:30 am) – Larry and Cleo just stopped by for a brief watch.  B must have lots of gifts 2 open! lol Still no sign of her.

MAK (9:00 am) – I have found B on Kodak Office.  SW rocket.

Dana (9:30 am) – B took off from Kodak Office (KO) screaming with food in talons and went to the Frontier Communication Tower.  Didnt see what she was screaming at.  She stashed the food on the platform and is sitting on the south side rail.

Dana (9:50 am) – B is now back on KO.  Merry Christmas to all!

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