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Afternoon watch 3-18-11

By Rochester falcon watcherMAK

KathyO picked me up this afternoon for a watch. We began downtown on the Broad St. bridge. We could see one falcon in the nestbox and after going down to falcon central we could see Archer on the green strip of the Wilder building and so it was Beauty in the nestbox. Kathy had to run an errand and when we got back we found Beauty on the Frontier Communications Tower. No sign of Archer so we went to Kodak Park.

At first we had a mockingbird entertaining us with his song and he was catching bugs down on the ground. As we were watching it I spotted Lady Pefa fly straight up from down very low and land on the railing of the tall still. Here’s the link for my pics:http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/sharing/shareRedirectSwitchBoard.jsp?token=937906491213%3A1134646023&sourceId=533754321803&cm_mmc=eMail-_-Share-_-Photos-_-Sharer

CarolP came and shortly after LarryO with Cleo joined us on the watch. The male came in, there was some low flying in front of the complex with both of them landing on the building with the orange railing. They left and flew south/southeast until we couldn’t see them anymore. Larry left and as Carol,Kathy and I were about to leave Louigi and Dana showed up. I gave him a birthday hug and when Kathy and I left Carol was giving them a report of the events. It was a good day for falcon watching!  🙂

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