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Mystery at Kodak Park? – 3/19/11

Rochester Falcon Watcher – Carol P.

Today the Rochester Falcon Watchers were keeping an eye on two locations; downtown Rochester where Archer and Beauty (A&B) have a nest site on the Times Square bldg and a female, temporarily named Lady Pefa (LP) and a Tiercel seen with her the last few days.

I arrived at Kodak Park (KP) just before 9:30 am.  MAK & Dana were downtown keeping an eye on A&B, who they reported had copulated and were flying all over the place.  Soon after I parked my car and called in that I was there, I spotted a Falcon flying from the still and landing on the orange railing building (ORB), below the chute.  This location is new to the Watchers and we haven’t come up with names for all the structures and buildings yet.

About 5 mins later, a Tiercel (male) flew in and landed on the tallest still.  I quickly got the scope out to get a closer look at the male.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  Was that a white feather on the Tiercel’s right wing?  I called Dana to see if they still had Archer and Beauty downtown.  She and MAK were on their way to KP.  MAK had reported that only Beauty was in sight before they left.  OK.  I needed a 2nd and 3rd opinion on this one.

MAK and Dana joined me and I asked them to take a look through the scope.  They both agreed.  It looked like a white feather on the right wing of the Tiercel.  For those that closely watch the cameras at the Time Square Bldg, you’ll know that Archer has a white feather on his right wing.  Could this be Archer?  Was he hanging out with both Beauty and Lady Pefa?  We have our suspicions that he might be traveling between both locations, but we can’t be 100% sure.  Hopefully, over the next few days, we’ll get a better idea if this was in fact Archer or not.  We certainly hope it’s not Archer, but this is not unheard of.  There are documented cases of one Tiercel with two different female Falcons. 

All day, the Rochester Falcon Watchers (MAK, Dana, Dan, Brian H and Carol P) split up between downtown and KP.  We’ll continue to keep a close eye on both locations and report what we see.

Never fear, we will keep Watching!

One Response to “Mystery at Kodak Park? – 3/19/11”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    A tiercel may be hanging with two falcons, but it is not good for the eyases, cause a single tiercel cannot really keep up with the necessary hunting in the early days of feeding for two scrapes
    Gee, wonder what happened to Mr. T? 🙁
    Lady Pefa sure could use him and not Archer.

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