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Morning/afternoon watch 4-21-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Friend and fellow watcher Lynda picked me up for a falcon watch this morning. We went directly downtown to see what we could see. Upon our arrival on the Broad St. bridge I spotted Archer just taking off from the top ibeam southeast side of the OCSR building. We jumped out of the car and watched him fly due east. When he didn’t come back we took a ride over by HSBC with no luck. I suggested that maybe he went over to KP and so we headed there next. This was Lyndas first introduction to Lady Pefa and she wasn’t disappointed. I found her on the tall still second railing down.


She soon flew off of there and headed southeast over Mt. Read Blvd. to Ridgeway and back around coming close to flying overhead landing on the still to the east(right) of the tall still. Now mind you Lynda is a very excitable gal and so she was elated to see Lady Pefa fly so close. We had to hug and jump up and down in a happy dance! We stayed there awhile discussing an upcoming trip to Toronto on Monday with Joyce to see Quest. She will be joining us hopefully, along with CarolP and KathyO and possibly Dana.

It was close to lunchtime so we decided to head back downtown in search of falcons on our way to the Highland diner. We saw Beauty fly up to the nestbox and enter it. We left for lunch and returned afterwards to see no more falcons before we ended our watch.  While at KP I took a short video of Lady Pefa which was totally luck that I got her because I could not see her in the camera screen because of the sun shining on it! 🙂


One Response to “Morning/afternoon watch 4-21-11”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Great post and your falcon tracking has become second nature, as witnessed by the video.

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