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Morning watch 4-30-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hi folks! I checked the nestbox cams before I left for downtown to find Archer on the eggs. Half an hour or so into my watch I saw a falcon fly into the nestbox. It looked small to me but nobody came flying out so I was puzzled as to whether Beauty had relieved Archer from incubating the eggs or if he had flown out when I wasn’t looking. I texted Donna to solve the mystery. She said Archer had flown in and out.  It’s so helpful to us watchers to have someone keeping track of who is in the nestbox on the cams so we can report accordingly. For all I knew Archer had left while I was commuting downtown from home.

For the next hour plus, I took a couple trips around the city to look for  Beauty with no luck, returning to the Broad St. bridge each time. Donna texted to find out if I’d seen Beauty(she worries ALOT) and I told her I’d drive around again. As they say… 3rd times the charm! I found the Beautyful one on the bottom arm of the Frontier Communications Tower scoping out her territory.


She took off  heading  in the direction of the Times Square building. On my way over Donna texted that Beauty had switched with Archer on the eggs. I spotted Archer on the heel of Mercury as I drove through the intersection of Broad and Exchange Streets. As soon as I got up on the bridge and parked he stooped straight down the  face of the Thomson Reuters building(river side) on a Starling and they both went back behind it. I don’t know if he caught it but he was very close as they flew out of view. It’s so amazing how fast these birds can turn on the speed. I can never get enough! I waited for him to show up again to no avail. As I drove home to get some breakfast I wondered if he had flown over to the power plant at Kodak Park to visit with Lady Pefa. Dana was on duty over there and if he did she would surely answer my question with a tweet!  🙂

2 Responses to “Morning watch 4-30-11”

  1. Shaky Says:

    If a watcher wants to know which falcon is in the nest box and doesn’t have Donna’s number, they should tweet their query.The tweet will appear on the Rfalconcam Forum where any registered member can post a reply on the “Rfalconcam Now” board. If the watcher is following RfalconcamNow on twitter, they will receive a text with the answer.

  2. MAK Says:

    Exactly Shaky and if I didn’t have Donnas’ number this is what I would do! 🙂

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