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Morning watch 11-25-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another cold start today with a temperature of 20 (F) 7 (C) with mostly cloudy skies

As I was parked on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) at around 7am I saw Dot.Ca (DC) fly to the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR. I went down to the hole for a closer look.

img_0012-dc img_0018-dc1

I took a ride to look for Beauty and when I returned DC was on the 2nd ibeam southeast side of OCSR plucking feathers. I don’t know if he caught breakfast or went to the food pantry for cached food but he spent about 25 minutes eating then flew to the Times Square building (TSB) landing under the northeast wing.


5 minutes later Beauty flew in and joined DC landing right next to him as he had his back to me. They eechupped once or twice and from what I could see of their tails I think they bowed. After that it looked like Beauty was eating and a couple minutes later she was feaking (wiping off her beak) on the edge of the ledge. Beauty then flew across to the southeast wing ledge for a few seconds then back next to DC again.

img_0027-beauty-arrives <Click itimg_0036-beauty2 img_0040-beauty-flies-over-to-se-wing-ledge img_0043-nice-tail-beauty

Around 8:05am DC flew out as Beauty watched him and returned to land where Beauty had been eating-most likely looking for scraps and unbeknownst to me he slipped off the back of the ledge to the grating on the TSB.

img_0047-beauty-watches-dc-flying<Beauty img_0048-dc-lands<DC lands img_0051-dc-off-again<Beauty

I found DC there in the grating when I went up to the BSB to see if he was at the back of the northeast wing ledge. Let’s call him sneaky Pete! lol

img_0055-bdc img_0057-dc2 img_0059-bdc<Click itimg_0062-dc-aka-whitey

I left them to check on Pigott at the Brighton Site arriving there at 8:40am. I found Miss Pigott on an east side window ledge 3 floors down at the corner where it meets the northeast extension. This is where she remained for the half hour I spent with her just looking around at her surroundings and being her pretty self. She tried unsuccessfully to extract a pellet at one point.

img_0069-pigott img_0076-pigott-trying-to-bring-up-a-pellet img_0079-pigott img_0084-pigott2

I left her around 9:10am to return downtown and see what the other 2 Rochester PEFAs were up to. I was stopped for a red light at Exchange and Court St. on my way back from BS when I spotted a falcon fly up to the northeast wing ledge of TSB. Upon closer inspection from the hole by He’s Chinese I could see that it was the Beautyful one blowing in the breeze.

img_0086-beauty img_0089-beauty-shakes-things-up img_0090-beauty-foofer-girl

Beauty shook herself a couple times other wise known as rousing and that’s when I decided to end my watch at 9:30am. I left downtown with a smile as I saw all 3 resident Rochester Falcons this morning! 🙂

Click on the links below to view my videos of the watch


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