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Morning watch 2-28-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a wopping 1 degree (F) -17 (C) when I stepped out the door this morning- I had to shovel before I left for my watch as we got a few more inches of snow overnite with some drifting from the high winds. They have died down since and bright blue skies and sunshine prevail

As I drove down Exchange Blvd. around 6:55am I thought I saw a falcon on the Mercury money bag but when I went down in the hole it was gone. I went up to the Broad St. Bridge and had a look around then proceeded to the east side where I spotted what I thought was 2 falcons on the east side of Bausch & Lomb northeast corner from Broadway and Broad St. Again when I got closer crossing Chestnut St. and pulled over on Broad St. across from Midtown I saw only Beauty eating up there. Was I seeing things or was Dot.Ca (DC) playing games with me!?

img_0003-beauty2 img_0007-beauty2

She finished up after a couple minutes, wiped off her beak and flew off to the northwest in the general direction of OCSR.

img_0012-beauty-feaking img_0013-beauty-has-left-the-building img_0014-beauty img_0015-see-ya<Click it

After I checked around the area and caught up with her as I found her from the Radisson Hotel by Main St.-she went up in the elevator shaft north ledge of OCSR. (I mistakenly tweeted the south ledge)


I didn’t stay more than 5 minutes with the Beautyful one as I had an early appointment and wanted to check the Brighton site (BS) too. When I got there at  7:40am I saw Pigott fly off the east extension over to the west side of BS and back. Flying over DC  who was on the southeast corner of the east extension with prey, to land on the southeast corner of the southeast extension under the tree.

img_0022-pigott1 img_0023-pigott img_0026-pigott<Pigott  DC>img_0028-dc

Pigott watched DC in between preening and DC plucked feathers to beat the band trying to get to a warm meal.

img_0032-dc img_0035-dc<DC img_0041-please-mak-no-pics img_0042-talk-to-the-talonPigott

img_0045-pigott<Pigott DC>img_0060-hey-there-dc img_0061-hi-mak img_0065-dc-with-a-beakful

I left this falcon pair to it and returned to down town finding that Beauty was still up in the OCSR elevator shaft north side ledge.


I drove away at 8:30am smiling for having seen all 3 of my Rochester Peregrine Falcon friends! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 2-28-14”

  1. OlRedHair Says:

    Wow, you got a lot accomplished in a short watch!

    Great pictures. :)))

    Brrr… Still very cold!

  2. MAK Says:

    Thanks Nora! Rush,rush,rush-seems like that’s all I do these days. Can’t wait to be moved and settled. 🙂

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