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Morning watch 4-22-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was downright balmy out when I left for my watch at a comfortable 60 degrees (F) 16 (C) with overcast skies and a steady light rain throughout

When I checked the livestream, Beauty was incubating as I left at 6am for downtown. I spent the better half of an hour looking for Dot.Ca (DC) and thanks to Donna and Annette who reported Beauty had left the nest box and returned around 6:47am. So I dashed back to the Times Square (TSB) area and parked on Basin St. where it meets Aqueduct St. to find DC on the north side of the back lower roof .


DC had his back to me so I drove across to Irving Place which is the one-way street behind the TSB to observe. DC had food and was eating. I had time for one pic and one video before I got kicked out of there for being in the way of some men bringing out about 10 garbage bins. I was on the street and they were putting them on the sidewalk next to where I was parked so I don’t see where I was in the way but I left none the less.


Banished to the hole by Aqueduct and Basin St. I watched DC from a longer distance-no problem! It”s all good as long as I could see him! I didn’t see any feathers fly so he prepared his small package elsewhere and brought it there to consume and he almost ate it all!

img_0008-dc1 img_0014-dc-showing-a-heart img_0015-dc img_0017-dc-with-a-big-honking-piece

DC finally stopped himself and delivered the goods to the deck at 7:06am. He announced himself quite loudly and Beauty whipped out of the nest box and performed her usual very fast “grab and go” taking the fresh hunk of meat to the base of Mercury.

img_0021-dc-with-small-package-for-his-beauty img_0022-one-footed-landing1 img_0023-dc-announces-his-arrival img_0026-come-and-get-it-doll-face<DC delivery

img_0027-beauty-comes-out-of-nest-box-and-grabs-it img_0028-another-successful-grab-and-go-for-beauty img_0030-beauty-lands-on-base-of-mercury-with-food<Beauty

The Beautyful one finished eating the small portion DC left her in a little over 5 minutes then she rested for 20 minutes while preening and stretching a little.

img_0032-eat-up-girlfriend img_0033-beautyful-girl img_0035-done-already

img_0045-a-foofed-up-beauty img_0048-preening-those-beautyful-feathers img_0050-beauty img_0052-fantail

Beauty slipped off the back of the base and flew east over the river out of view from the hole at 7:34am. I decided to check the Brighton site at this time but again no falcons were over there. At some point I will stop checking to conserve gas but I’m not ready quite yet. So I returned to downtown and spotted DC on the 2nd ibeam of OCSR near the south corner from the Broad St. Bridge, then I went to the hole for a closer look.


I didn’t get any tweets that there had been a switch so I gave a shout out to anyone who might have been watching the cams. Donna,Larry,Lisa and Carol confirmed that there had been a switch at the scrape at 8:17am and Beauty was incubating her eggs. Thanks one and all! DC started to nap so I decided to call it a watch just before the 9 o’clock hour.


I left downtown smiling after a quiet watch! 🙂

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