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Morning watch 8-30-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a pleasant morning weather wise with a starting temperature of 61 (F) 16 (C) sunshine and blue skies

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I checked around downtown before heading to the east side-as I stopped on Woodbury St. I spotted a falcon on the northwest corner of HSBC. When I got over to Chestnut St. it was gone so I continued on my regular route to the parking lot behind the Inn on Broadway and that’s where I saw Beauty over on one of the many northeast corners of Bausch & Lomb (B&L).


I then went to Broad St. between Xerox and Midtown for a closer look. Beauty was looking all around and about 15 minutes later as I was watching her on my camera screen Dot.Ca (DC) sauntered into the scene from the left. Beauty started whining scrunched down as he made his way behind her out of view.

img_0004-beauty1 img_0007-dc-arrives-beauty-scrunches-down img_0008-dc-goes-to-back-of-ledge

DC came back into view when he flew down to the ledge below and disappeared again. I was convinced he was looking for food-Beauty watched him the whole time then she started preening like nothing was going on.

img_0011-dc-down-to-lower-ledge img_0015-beauty-shakes-it-up img_0017-dc-playing-hide-and-seek

It would stay this way for the next 20 minutes as I wondered if DC was still up there or left. Xerox was displaying some pretty flowers in their planters around the property. The Beautyful one turned around at 7:30am or so, spread her wings and flew off going over where I had last seen DC.

img_0018-beauty img_0020-flowers-at-xerox

img_0023-beauty-ready-to-fly img_0024-about-to-drop-off img_0025-beauty-has-left-the-building img_0026-beauty-flies-above-dc

When she didn’t return I went in search of but didn’t either one of them until I returned to Broad St. by Xerox. Beauty was back on the same northeast corner of B&L again and 5 crows were flying above her. Suddenly, they started swooping down at her-they stopped a minute later and flew away. She didn’t seem too bothered by them. While I was tweeting it out DC reappeared on the corner of the ledge I’d last seen him on.

img_0031-beauty-left-dc-right img_0033-falcon-power img_0035-dc

img_0038-dc img_0048-dc-stretching img_0050-bdc

At just about 8:30am Beauty flew east then came back to circle above DC as he chirped at her. She flew out of view and then I heard whining.

img_0052-beauty-takes-off-again img_0055-beauty-flies-away img_0056-dc-watches-beauty-fly-away

DC then made his way to the back of the ledge out of sight again.  These 2 were playing some serious games with me this morning! lol

img_0059-pouty-puss-dc img_0062-im-going-back-here-again<Click it      img_0066-that-sun-is-too-hot

I received a tweet from Dana around that time that Beauty was on the 8th column west side of Xerox. I drove to the north side of Midtown where I was far enough back to see where DC had gone.

img_0068-dc-in-the-shadows-on-bl img_0069-a-snack-sure-would-be-nice-right-now

DC was tucked in out of the sun and I was ready to call it a watch just before 9am. This is the 3rd report I’ve done in less than 24 hours so I’m ready to git er done so I can relax. I had fun watching our downtown Rochester Peregrine Falcon pair and their comical antics this morning-I left with a big smile on my face!  🙂

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6 Responses to “Morning watch 8-30-14”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Nice shots of Beauty’s take-off, MAK!

  2. MAK Says:

    Thanks Pat! 🙂

  3. don Says:

    It seems you have changed your settings to—> “This video is private.”

  4. MAK Says:

    Thanks Don, I’ll get that changed back to public. 🙂

  5. don Says:

    Thanks MAK.
    I always enjoy your Rochester area falcon and other adventures.

  6. MAK Says:

    Thanks Don, it’s always nice to hear that people watch and like my videos! 🙂

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