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Falcon Watch – 7/12/09 – From Joyce & Suzanne

From Rochester Falcon Watchers Joyce & Suzanne:

Don and I went to Rochester yesterday. When we arrived a bit after noon, Dawn and Bullet were the only watchers on the bridge. We soon found Archer on the 2nd I-Beam. Later we spotted Beauty on the top I-Beam. We could not locate Mariah, and even walked around to get a better look on the other sides of Kodak. Kelly came for a bit…but no Mariah.

Then Dan S. came and shortly after that Mariah flew into the gorge and sat on a ledge below the Falcon tree.  She blended in so well.  (Dawn was so excited to spot her.)  The light was wonderful, so we had gorgeous looks at her, with the help of the scope of course.  She was quite chatty.  Was she complaining about A?  We all sat on the bench and enjoyed Mariah and the sunshine.  During which time Archer moved from the 2nd I-Beam and out of our sight.

Joyce and Casey arrived and Bullet was happy because he now had a friend with whom he could play!  Soon Carrie and Shaky cruised in, but it was now around 4:30 and time for us to travel down the road back to Ithaca.  I was happy, though, because we got to see Mariah and she looked beautiful!  ~ Suzanne

Carol P arrived in time to see Mariah on the wall.  She heard Mariah e-chup then we couldn’t find her.  We thought maybe she snuck up into the shady tree.  We later found her on the east side launch pad.

Wish we knew why Mariah is being so vocal all of a sudden.  We talked and speculated, (and without putting human emotions to it, like thinking she might me lonely), we were wondering if this is just something peregrines do like other birds? 

As quickly as we spot the falcons, they were all gone.  It remained quiet and then Shaky spotted a falcon flying.  At first we thought Mariah was back. The falcon was soaring high up in the direction of Frontier Field and the Communication Tower. Then it flew high over the gorge. Carrie said that’s not Mariah.  The peregrine looked large, and there was no split wing tip or a missing feather.  Carrie thought it was Beauty, but we couldn’t tell for sure.  The falcon continued to fly high and eastward of the Genesee Brewery until we couldn’t see it anymore.  No falcons returned and we all headed home.  After looking at my photos on the computer – it was Beauty.  Looks likes she is venturing in other directions than South of the city.  ~Joyce

3 Responses to “Falcon Watch – 7/12/09 – From Joyce & Suzanne”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Great reports. Like being there.

  2. chrissy Says:

    Thanks, Suzanne and Joyce, for the reports. It does sound like Archer and Beauty are expanding their territory into the gorge. Without a mate, Mariah doesn’t have much choice but to surrender and retreat to the kodak tower. 🙁
    I hope she’ll be allowed to roost on the tower over winter if she decides to stay on.

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Who is going to chase her off? The restoration work will continue as if she were not there, behind protective netting (which does not so much protect the workers from her, but rather passers-by from falling masonry – yikes!) – how long is a matter of the weather.
    As I recall, Mariah did not spend all her winters on the Kodak Tower in the past.

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