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Morning watch 8-23-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Timing is everything…

I’ve been leaving later and later for my morning watch as the sun takes it’s sweet time waking up (6:25am today). Darkness surrounds me for the most part but the city lights help in spotting Peregrine Falcons if they aren’t hiding. Yesterday I didn’t find Beauty until 6:05am, she was on the jail tower top arm west side when I did.

morning-watch-8-22-11-001-beauty morning-watch-8-22-11-003-b morning-watch-8-22-11-008-b

I shared space with her over on Troup St. until she flew off some 15 minutes later and then I had to leave for home.

This morning I arrived downtown around 5:45am I checked out the nestbox,Mercury,OCSR,the Wilder building and the jail tower from the Broad St. bridge. With no falcons to be found I continued on to the east side  and then to city hall to check the Frontier Communications Tower. Still no sightings and it was getting late, I thought I might be out of luck on this day. I drove back to check the Times Square area and after seeing nothing, decided to give it one more shot on the east side to check out HSBC. Lo and behold Beauty was on the northeast corner!


The Beautyful one flew off  heading north after only a few moments but I was thankful to have seen her at all before I left for home. Now here’s where the timing part comes in…I found out when I got home that she had been at the nestbox arriving right after I had driven through the first time! While I was gallivanting around the city she perched next to the main camera having pulled a fast one on MAK again!  Teehee!

Another example of good timing, with the sun rising so late I have been torn about even going out in the morning for much longer.   Sue came home yesterday to announce starting next week she will be starting her split shift at work going in at noon. Yes…I won’t have to get the truck back by 6:30am anymore and will be able to stay out much longer! Have a great day and don’t forget to smile! 🙂

2 Responses to “Morning watch 8-23-11”

  1. margaret Says:

    Sounds like that may make your day a bit easier, MAK. For that, I am happy for you. I do hope that when I go back to my “other” job next week, that when I turn on my computer at 7:15 am, I will still see your report about spotting B on Mercury, and that maybe Mr. T is in town soon!

  2. MAK Says:


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